Collared Shirt: 10 Best Styles for a Crazy Chic Look

Ah, the collared shirt! It’s about as synonymous with men’s fashion as the sun is with daytime. But how much do we really know about these handy pieces of finely stitched fabric that complete our metropolitan look? Grab a cold one, gents, and slide into something comfortable as we dive into the polished world of the ever-adaptable, crazy chic collared shirt.

I. The Love Affair with the Collared Shirt

Back in the day, our dapper-looking ancestors didn’t just throw on any old thing. The collared shirt has had quite a journey, evolving from the restricted, stiff behemoths of the 19th century to the suave and trendy selections we see in stores today. It’s been a love affair for the ages, and it’s far from over.

We’re talking an evolution that’s twisted, turned, and somersaulted into countless styles. A solid collared shirt is now the backbone of a gent’s wardrobe – the cherry atop the sartorial sundae if you will.

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II. Understanding the Basics: What Defines a Collared Shirt?

Allow us to lay some groundwork. A collared shirt is, in essence, a shirt that wraps a band of fabric around your neck. It usually comes in with a button or two at the front. This isn’t rocket science. But the importance of a well-defined, properly fitted collar cannot be overstated.

The collared shirt sees us through arduous meetings, glamorous parties, and even that relatively unknown territory known as “the great outdoors.” And there are countless styles to match every occasion – whether you’re wooing the boss for a raise or embarking on an epic black sand beach Hawaii vacation.


III. A Vocabulary Expansion: What are Collared Shirts Called?

There’s a whole glossary when it comes to collared shirts. Starting with the regal-sounding “dress shirt,” which is a well-tailored shirt with a collar. This term is often attached to shirts that mean business – think job interviews, boardroom showdowns, and black-tie events.

Then there’s the “button shirt” or the “button-front shirt,” a breed of collared shirts that has a full-length opening at the front with button fasteners. They exist for days when you want to ooze a casual-cool vibe but aren’t up for the full-on button-stand fray.

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IV. Setting the Record Straight: Is it Collar Shirt or Collared Shirt?

Much ado about neckwear! Alright, folks, despite the occasional semantic battle, the correct term is collared shirt, not “collar shirt.” Think of it this way – the shirt is collared; it’s being described as having a collar. It’s all about the adjectives, lads!

V. The Black Dress Shirt: Timeless Elegance and Versatility

Black is back, baby! Never did it truly leave, though. The black dress shirt is a key part of the on-fire collared shirt scene. A well-tailored black dress shirt delivers endless sophistication. Pair it with a white shirt for an effortlessly swish style on that last-minute dinner date.

VI. Collared Shirt: The First Among 10 Best Styles

The traditional collared shirt is your bread-and-butter, your fail-safe. Ideal for those nerve-wracking client presentations or those high-stakes poker nights. Channel good old Jimmy Bond and pair this all-rounder with tailored trousers and a swanky Seiko Tank on your wrist for added oomph.


VII. Style Two: Layered Pendleton Shirts

Since we’re on the subject of collared shirts, let’s talk Pendleton shirts. These woolen wonders invoke rugged style and adventure. “How to style them?” I hear you ask. Layer the Pendleton over a plain white shirt, add a pair of battered boots and worn-in jeans for a look that screams “lumberjack-luxe”.

VIII. Styles Three to Ten: At the Go-To Place for High Fashion

Alright, gents, put your seatbelts on because the remaining styles are going from nought to sixty in record time! We have the linen shirt for those balmy evenings, the checkered shirt for all the flannel fans, the pinstripe for that Wall Street pizzazz, and, of course, the classic white shirt for days when simplicity reigns supreme. Then there are seersucker shirts, denim shirts, chambray shirts, twill shirts – the list goes on!

IX. What is the Difference Between a Collared Shirt and a Polo Shirt?

A collared shirt and a polo shirt walk into a bar—but which one gets the bartender’s attention? There are two big differences: the collar finish and the material. Polo shirts are often a tad classier, thanks to the collar finish. They’re perfect for occasions that need a dash of formality, but not too much.

On the other hand, a collared shirt can elevate your look to CEO-levels of suave. It goes without saying, a collared shirt is your trusted wingman for most formal shindigs.


X. Concluding Thoughts: The Chic Choice of The Modern Era

The collared shirt is the ultimate symbol of the stylish modern man, encapsulating tradition, versatility, and a dash of audacity. A crazy chic look is just a collared shirt away, whether you’re grilling on a Sunday afternoon or buzzing in the city’s nightlife.

So next time you’re rummaging through your wardrobe, remember, a collared shirt isn’t just a piece of clothing—it’s a statement piece, a secret weapon, and your ticket to the elusive world of effortless style.


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