With a Compassion, Ellen DeGeneres Closes Daytime Show

Ellen DeGeneres’ nearly two-decade-old daytime talk show came to an abrupt halt Thursday with a celebrity lovefest and an assertion of her accomplishment as a gay woman daring to be herself.

DeGeneres, Pink, and Billie Eilish, guests, shared their affections as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” ended its Emmy-winning 3,200-plus-episode run that began in September 2003.

“Twenty years ago, when we tried to sell the show,” DeGeneres said. DeGeneres stated that the resistance from television stations was not because it was a new show but because he was different.

DeGeneres stated that she was prohibited from using the words “gay” and “we” on the syndicated program. This would have implied she had a partner. She did not specify who she was banning.

“Sure couldn’t say wife, and it was because gay people weren’t allowed to get married — now I say wife’ all of the time,” DeGeneres said, with a hint of defiance as Portia de Rossi, an actor, watched from the studio audience. They were married in 2008.

She was well-known for encouraging her audience in impromptu dancing. The host shared her last moves with Stephen “tWitch”, her DJ sidekick, to the tune “Best of My Love”.

DeGeneres was praised by the dancer-choreographer as an inspiration because she “has the courage to be yourself”

Aniston, the first guest to the show’s inaugural episode, gave DeGeneres a “Welcome” mat. DeGeneres also received another one that said, “Thanks, for the memories.”

Aniston said, in a teasing tone, “You’re welcomed,” and then became serious.

“I love and appreciate you. She said that the contribution was endless. DeGeneres’ career retrospective video was also shown. It featured DeGeneres’s philanthropic efforts that included more than $400 million in donations to charities and “deserving viewers”.

During their chat, Eilish beamingly told DeGeneres “I love you.” Pink performed “What About Us” and said, “I love you so many, it’s stupid.”

In 2020, DeGeneres’ daytime show reign was hit by a major bump. Three producers were accused of being toxic at work and they quit. DeGeneres apologized for “things which shouldn’t have occurred” but maintained her authenticity on and off-camera, defending herself as a genuine person.

DeGeneres’ second big TV success was the talk show. She made a permanent mark by coming out as a lesbian in 1997 and bringing her character from the ABC sitcom “Ellen”. The next year, the series was canceled.

They canceled my sitcom twenty-five years ago because they didn’t want a lesbian in prime-time one week. “And I said, “OK, then, I’ll be in daytime every single day,” DeGeneres stated Thursday.

The actor, comedian, and producer said that she will take some time to think about her next career move. But first DeGeneres and de Rossi will be making a trip to Rwanda.

“If there’s anything I’ve done in the last 19 years, it’s that I hope it’s inspired you to be your authentic self, and who you are,” DeGeneres stated that if someone is courageous enough to reveal who they are, you should be willing to support them, even though you may not understand. “By opening up your heart and mind, you will be more compassionate. Compassion is what makes the world a better and happier place.


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