The Best Sustainable Men’s Wear Brands 2022

You shouldn’t compromise your ethical and sustainable values by creating a great style. According to a 2018 study by Quantis, an organization that studies sustainability, the global footwear and clothing industries account for around eight percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. You don’t want your closet to be full of short-lived, resource-depleting, and fast fashion. However, those old T-shirts and flip-flops that were stained from summers gone by are not doing you any favors.
Thankfully, updating your closet–ethically–is as easy as supporting companies that do good. These ethical men’s clothing brands are committed to social and environmental responsibility so that you can feel confident in your clothes and elevate your style.

1. OluKai

If you are used to wearing flip-flops, summer footwear may seem like an afterthought. You can slip on OluKai sandals or slip on to give your feet the support they need while on the water or at the beach. Your purchase will also contribute to the company’s remarkable social responsibility efforts.

Certified B Corporation means that the California-based, Hawaii-inspired footwear brand is profitable while also meeting its purpose. It also meets the highest standards in transparency, social and environmental ethics, and transparency. It even has its Ama OluKai Foundation. The foundation supports organizations that preserve the traditional Hawaiian culture, including local arts organizations as well as traditional Polynesian sailing organizations and the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. The brand’s ‘Ohana sandals are a comfortable and durable pair that is perfect for summer exploration.

2. Patagonia

The leader in sustainability and responsible business isn’t content to rest on its laurels. The Certified B Corp doesn’t rest on its laurels when it isn’t suing the government for national park protection. Instead, it challenges the status quo and works to preserve the environment while creating eco-friendly products. One example is Patagonia’s use of sustainable hemp in its product line. These Fair Trade Certified pieces are made from a mix of organic cotton, hemp, and other fabrics to make a lightweight, breathable, durable collection of shorts and shirts. For example, the Trail Harbor Polo will keep you dry and cool.

3. Outerknown

Kelly Slater, a pro surfer, founded Outerknown in 2015. Since then, Outerknown has sought to find better and more sustainable ways of producing surf-centric apparel. Outerknown is committed to sustainability in all aspects of its production. This includes using recycled and natural materials, such as buttons made from nuts and trunks made out of ocean plastic, as well as adhering to Fair Labor Association standards. Although the product range has grown steadily over the years we love the Nomadic valley trunks made of 100 percent recycled polyester.

4. SOLO Eyewear

These stylish sunnies will make you feel more comfortable. They not only protect your eyes but also restore vision to the needy. SOLO Eyewear donates 10% of its profits to organizations that provide care for the poor. More than 13,000 people have seen improvements in their vision thanks to the brand, which is based in California.

SOLO sunglasses are also environmentally friendly. They’re made of repurposed bamboo, recycled plastic, and other materials. This has prevented hundreds of thousands of new plastics from being manufactured each year. Even the cords and sunglass cases are thoughtfully made by women artisans from Panajachel in Guatemala. The startup also recycles packaging materials and damaged sunglasses to make parts.

5. United By Blue

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, one million plastic bottles are bought every minute. Five trillion single-use plastic bags worldwide are used every year. Plastic is a problem. It is easy to see why. United by Blue is taking action to address this problem. The company uses organic and recycled fabrics. It also organizes cleanups to combat plastic pollution. It has hosted trash pickup events in 21 states, which have collected more than 500,000 pounds worth of trash. But that’s only the beginning. The Philadelphia-based company removes one pound of trash per product sold. It currently has over 1.7 million. United by Blue does not sacrifice style for substance. These responsibly made jeans, which require significantly less water to make than traditional jeans, are proof of this.


Fabric production produces other types of waste, including clothes that are headed for the landfill. The process is extremely energy-intensive and requires significant water. JCRT is a maker of limited-edition, hand-crafted plaid shirts. Resonance’s Factory is the brand’s partner. They handle all aspects of production in their space in the Dominican Republic, rather than sending them across the globe.

The factory’s highly accurate, advanced printing technology makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. It also uses less material per garment which helps to reduce dye and water consumption. You can order online for your piece like this Tron sweatshirt. It will be made to your specifications and shipped right away.


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