Guide for the Newly Single to Dating Again

Even the most difficult of breakups can be incredibly painful.

Breakups in 2020 could be worse.

The international travel ban prohibits you from going to Europe to find yourself. It also makes it illegal to party your troubles away.

This year’s lockdown restrictions allowed singles to hibernate without having to attend largely (read: painfully emotional) social events.

While it may seem appealing to stay at home and watch Netflix for the rest of your life, it is possible to re-enter the dating world with your partner in 2020. This can be a healthy way to move forward.

Here’s a guide for the newly single to dating again.

Get Dating When You Decide That You’re Ready

Ask your friends when they think you should be dating again. You’ll get a variety of answers. Every person heals differently after a breakup. You can only know when to start dating again by listening to your feelings and being open with yourself. (Sorry.)

Take some time to think about what you want from your next relationship, in the space between dating and breaking up. Are you not ready to feel the pain of another breakup? This can be used as motivation to take some time and work out the root cause of your problems. It’s possible that you are extending yourself too far or choosing people who aren’t respectful of you.

Download a dating app if you feel ready to try out dating. This is a great way for you to try out the idea of meeting new people, and open yourself up to a relationship.

Get to Know the New Rules of Dating

You may notice some changes depending on how long you have been in a relationship.

It’s good to know that although things might seem different, they all boil down to one factor: your relationship with someone.

To avoid panic over date night, singles need to be aware of the following facts:

  • Right now, the spontaneity of dating is at an all-time low. It’s not possible, but it is possible due to COVID-19. It’s possible to meet someone at a bar with a very hot personality, much like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love. It’s a weird time, and there are many other ways to meet people.
  • While you may prefer to be casual and cool on your first date, reservations are required for restaurants and bars. To avoid awkward waiting in long lines, make sure that you and your date reserve a table.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have used dating apps before, now is the time to get started with your digital dating journey. It’s important to get at least some knowledge about the concept, especially in light of the current need to book tables everywhere. You should also be familiar with virtual dating, which is a video date that takes place before an IRL one. Bumble witnessed a 76% increase in its use of the video chat feature during the pandemic.

Create A Killer Dating Profile

Lucille McCart is Associate Director of APAC PR and Comms at Bumble. She says that it’s about creating a profile that reflects you.

She says, “Show off your personality through your photographs.” If you are passionate about adventures, take photos of yourself outdoors. Show your love for restaurants by getting out and about at your favorite spots.

Filters are simple: less is better. Avoid using filters or silly faces. McCart also suggests that you ensure the photo is only of yourself. This will prevent potential matches from being confused about who they are matched with.”

McCart suggests spending time on your bio and adding humor to it. Struggling? She suggests that you get a friend to help you write the letter.

Bumble’s most popular feature, Profile Badges, is a great way for you to tell your potential match more about yourself. This can be added to your bio. You can tell potential matches your star sign. This will let them know if you are looking for serious relationships (or not). ‘.

Become An A-Grade Conversationalist

We don’t always meet the love of our life while we are out having our morning coffee, despite what we see in movies. There are other singles and many people you can make a connection with.

Keep your eyes open and positive, even if you don’t meet someone immediately. You might not find your future partner if you do the same things and visit the same places.

You can try a different approach to dating. This could include going on a trip, signing up for a dating app, or joining a club. Don’t be afraid of making the first move.

It can sometimes be scary to make the first move, but Bumble knows that women are the ones who sign up for the site so don’t be afraid! Lucille McCart, Bumble’s Lucille, says that it can increase your confidence and empowers you to make the first moves in other areas of life.

These are her top tips for impressing someone on the dating app: Be confident, be personal, and ask questions.

“Asking questions is an excellent way to get to know your match and take the pressure off of finding the perfect answer. It will be appreciated by your match that you took the time to review their profile and tried to get to know them better.

Keep it light and don’t dwell on past relationships or the things that made you mad.

To make your first conversation more meaningful, have fun. Positive conversations will leave you and your partner wanting more.


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