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Lynch Hunt’s journey from drug kingpin to gym empire CEO proves it’s never too late to turn your life around.

We all love to hear a good inspirational story that has the power to pick us up when we’re feeling down. Today’s motivation boost is brought to you by none other than Lynch Hunt, ex-convict turned CEO whose life story is one worthy of turning into a movie.

Lynch Hunt's Story

Lync Hunt

Life can be challenging in so many ways, but there’s always hope to hang onto. If there’s one man who can speak about life’s trials and tribulations and how one can find the power to turn things around even after they’ve hit rock bottom that’s Lynch Hunt.

Today Lynch Hunt is known as the founder and CEO of gym empire A.W.O.L Fitness, an accomplished life coach, health expert, author, and motivational speaker. He has published 17 wildly successful books on fitness, nutrition, motivation, and self-help, earned several certifications in health and wellness, and has motivated and empowered countless people to transform their mind and body and become the best versions of themselves.

So far, this sounds like yet another success story of a gifted and hard-working individual who managed to make his dreams come true. But what makes his experience truly fascinating is that all these accomplishments come after serving 10 years in prison for being one of the largest drug kingpins in New Jersey’s history. Yes, you’ve read that right: Lynch Hunt is the living example of how someone can come from nothing, go through immense hardships and still rise up and achieve amazing things.

Lync Hunt

Not your average entrepreneur

It’s pretty obvious that Lynch Hunt’s professional trajectory was bumpy, to say the least, but let’s find out how he managed to make the transition from a life of crime to a life of emotional and material wealth. For that, we have to go back in time and learn a bit about Hunt’s background.

Hunt was born in Riverhead, NY on November 23rd, 1975, and like many other children coming from lower-class families, poverty, drugs, and violence were a common sight for him. Growing up, his only role models were drug dealers, rappers, and ballplayers. The influence of the environment proved stronger than his mother’s efforts to keep him on the right track, so he eventually began selling drugs on the streets. Being naturally bright and ambitious, he managed to him climb the ranks pretty quickly and soon became one of New Jersey’s largest drug kingpins. However, his ascension into the drug world came to a stop in 2003 when he was convicted to a 10-year sentence in prison.

For Hunt, going to prison was a blessing in disguise as he realized it was time to change his destructive habits and do something to better himself. Before prison, he lost an astounding 70 pounds in 6 months, and while he was locked up, he continued to expand his knowledge on health, wellness, and personal development. After being released from prison, Lynch had to adjust to living in society as a regular person, which he’d never been. But he was determined to live a life away from crime and start fresh. So, he took things one step at a time and managed to overcome all obstacles. He got married and started working at a fitness center which ignited his passion for fitness and ultimately determined him to start his own business.

Stories Of Empowerment Lynch Hunt

Bringing an innovative approach to fitness

Hunt built his gym empire A.W.O.L from scratch, based on all his life experiences and the things he’d learned over the years. With A.W.O.L, which stands for A Way of Life, Hunt aims to change the current approach to fitness and breathe new life into the outdated fitness industry.

He came up with an innovative system, that he’s worked on for nearly a decade, which focuses not only on the physical component of fitness but also on cognitive behavioral change and mindfulness practices. That’s the secret sauce for helping people achieve their transformational goals and ensure long-lasting results. The system Hunt developed focuses on changing the mindset in order to change the body. And given the high rate of success among his customers, it appears that his innovative approach is highly effective.

Becoming an accomplished author

However, Hunt did not stop here. While the success of his fitness centers was undeniable, there was still a lot more he could do to help people. After helping coach countless clients, monitoring their progress, and talking to them, Hunt realized that something was missing from the picture. While people were responding well to his system, it was difficult for them to take in all the things that he tried to teach them and take full advantage of these lessons.

So, the idea of putting his teachings into a book started to take shape. One book turned into 17 books, where Hunt shares with the rest of the world not only his experiences but also effective strategies that can help people replicate his success. Lynch applies the same approach based on discipline and easy-to-follow steps in his writing as he does in his fitness programs. That helps him stay on track, go in-depth on each topic he addresses and test his theories and strategies along the way to make sure it all ties in.

Given all his past and current achievements, one can’t help but wonder what’s next for Lynch Hunt and the empire he’s built over the years? As Hunt himself explains, his life’s mission is to continue doing what he’s done until now – help people turn their life around and bring a positive change in the world, but on a bigger scale. Along with his family, seeing how people are able to overcome the obstacles that stop them from reaching their true potential is what gives Lynch the motivation and drive to continue his work and help those around him.

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