Ways to Get Back to Nature, Even If You Live in the City

Although technology has taken us far away from nature, the outside world does not always have to seem so distant. When you spend time outdoors, you’ll be surprised at how much you can reconnect with yourself and those around you, regardless of how woo-woo this sounds.
When you take yourself away from the daily stress provided by the city, from the noise and smog to other stressors, you can feel happier and more connected. Traffic alone is enough to make you feel stressed every day.
Connecting with nature does not mean you need to plan expensive trips and fancy getaways. You can do little things and fun activities to engage yourself and get back to nature. Let’s explore the different ways.

Nature Activities that Make a Difference

Here are some fun activities you can start this weekend to get back to nature.


Hiking is one of the most popular ways to connect with nature, and it’s for everyone. Whether you enjoy the outdoors a lot or you’ve only ever gone for a walk a few times, hiking is a great place to start. Not only this but there are always hiking opportunities in areas where we live, including hiking trails.
If you live in New York City, probably the busiest US city, there’s no excuse to discourage you from hiking. There are popular trails in Central Park and the Rockaway Beach Park, and several parks within walking distance of most neighborhoods. You can search for parks and trails around you, especially if you can’t easily get to the mountains.


One of the most exciting ways to get out into nature is off-roading. Even if you’ve never tried it before, it’s easy to get started with four-wheeling, especially if you already have a Jeep or SUV. If you ever buy a car for off-roading, you should find nature trails for 4×4 driving.
Off-roading is also recommended for those who want to get back to nature whenever it’s too cold or rainy. Rather than staying outside in the cold camping or putting yourself at risk with hiking, you can get into your SUV and enjoy a ride in the great outdoors. With an off-roader, you can explore different locations and even camp from your car.
Although you can drive off the road by yourself, it’s also a fun activity with your friends and family. You can reconnect with your inner self and enjoy different benefits. There are different SUVs designed for off-roading and camping, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy this activity.

Camping Out

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors sustainably, especially with your family and friends, is camping. While hiking and fishing are fun, camping is more sustainable, and once you set things up, you only need to sit down and enjoy the environment.
You’ll notice a difference when you wake up and notice that you can hear the sounds of squirrels and birds and not the city noise. It’s also a wonderful experience to sleep under the stars. Camping is also a fun activity with your family if you don’t have time to hang out during the week.
There are different ways you can camp sustainably, especially if you’re working with a budget. You can also find eco-friendly campgrounds for camping and enjoy sustainable fun. Camping requires a little bit of camping, but nothing you can’t put together on short notice, especially if you have the right car.

Nature Events

You should seek out nature events, too, if you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors. There are different ways to enjoy nature without leaving the house, and while this won’t offer the same experience, it’s an excellent place to start.
These include natural events like nature walks, bird walks, and hikes usually held by parks and public lands. You can also do simple nature activities like taking a walk. It’s possible to experience nature through art and different events. The opportunities are endless.

Rock Climbing

Another way you can get back to nature is with rock climbing, although you can’t just get to the nearest mountain and start trying to get to the top. It’s recommended to start at an indoor rock gym and practice until you start doing the real thing.
Aside from connecting you to the great outdoors, rock climbing is also an excellent exercise. It will hone your instincts, sharpen your senses, and help you keep fit. The rock climbing journey is always worth it because of the view you see once you get to the top.


If you enjoy photography, this is one way you can enjoy nature through the lens. Even if you’re taking pictures with your camera or phone, you will appreciate the landscapes and wildlife that you capture and enjoy the outdoors while doing so.
By going for photography as a hobby and getting back to nature, you’ll find yourself visiting more serene and beautiful places away from the city. Photography gives you an excellent excuse to enjoy nature and get out of the city. Plus, you can share your work with others.


Foraging has become quite popular among those who want to get back to nature in recent years, and it’s not only ideal for country people. Those living in the city can also participate in urban foraging, and you don’t always have to drive far to find a place where edibles grow.
You can search for urban foraging centers in your city or join a society to connect with others in the great outdoors. When you find food in nature, it offers a satisfying experience and shows you the most authentic parts of nature. Plus, you can enjoy it with your friends.


You don’t always have to go out to connect with nature during the day. Stargazing is a fantastic way to get back to nature, and it’s well-liked for the serene feeling it offers. We find ourselves carried away by the hustle and bustle of the city each week, with the noise from driving or taking other forms of transportation.
But when you find a quiet place to look at the skies and celestial beings, you can silence your mind, keep your thoughts away and stop worrying. You can purchase a beginner’s telescope at a great price and start this hobby.


If you want to explore the outdoors uniquely, kayaking is a fun place to start. It’s a great outdoor activity for any man and makes you feel relaxed when you hit the water. Aside from being an excellent way to exercise, it also offers a fantastic and serene view.
You don’t have to live by a lake to go kayaking. Urban kayakers take advantage of rivers and canals to connect with nature. You can also paddle your local irrigation channel if you live in the desert, although checking local regulations is essential. Check out different kayak groups to see the best locations for your city.

Tiny Changes You Can Make

If your day-to-day is busy and you live in the city, it might seem challenging to take the time out for any previously mentioned activities. But you can boost your wellbeing and health by feeling closer to nature in little ways.

Increase Your Exposure

For one, you can increase your exposure to nature in your everyday living. Whether you get off the bus early on your way to work or walk your dog to the park every weekend, there are different simple ways to increase your exposure to nature. Even if you go to work, you can also take walks during your breaks and enjoy what nature offers.

Bring Nature to You

If you’re finding it hard to go to nature, you can ensure that nature is always around you. Whether you have real-life plants in your home that you take care of or bird boxes close to your window, you can feel like you’re constantly outside. You can also join birdwatching events or raise a garden in your yard. These are fun activities that you can convince your friends to be a part of.

Change Your Routine

You can update your routine to accommodate nature and the different activities we mentioned earlier. You can give yourself two hours a week to spend time with nature, even if you divide the time into a couple of minutes per day. Have your coffee in the garden or drink your wine near an open window.

Pay Attention to the Environment

Regardless of where you’re going, you should start paying attention to nature and what it offers. You don’t always have to go for a five-mile hike to get back to nature.
Start planning to spend your next weekend connected with nature; whether it’s with off-roading and kayaking or camping and stargazing, there’s always something for everyone. And before the weekends come, you can get back to nature in the little ways.


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