Ben and Jerry Dunks: 10 Insane Facts You Never Knew!

Hey fellas! Grab yourself a cold one and sit tight as we’re about to roll down the roller coaster of the hyped world of sneakerology, unraveling the grandeur of the deliciously elusive, Ben and Jerry Dunks. Trust me, these kicks are certainly worth every penny, and then some! So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s hit the gas on this twisted sneaker journey.

Serving up the 10 Insane Facts about ‘Ben and Jerry Dunks’

Let’s kick things off with some mind-blowing info on your favorite icy delight transformed into wearable art – the Ben and Jerry Dunks. We’re serving these facts hot and steamy.

A Delectable Deal: Information on the release and retail price of the sneakers

To get you hooked, let’s inch back in time to May 2020. With a touch of pandemic downer lacing the air, the world was hit by a refreshing wave of whimsical fun: a technicolored dream collab between Nike and the ice cream gigant Ben & Jerry’s, crafting this radical pair of sneakers. Retailing for only $100, it’s the gooey, wallet-friendly delight we never knew we needed – until it garnished our feet!

Top Pick

Nike Mens SB Dunk Low CU3244 100 Ben & Jerry’s – Chunky Dunky – Size 7.5


The Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low “Chunky Dunky” is a limited edition collaboration between the ice cream brand and Nike on the coveted skate shoe
Releasing just in time for Summer 2020, this deliciously good flavor of the Dunk is a refreshing treat for purveyors of the classic model and fans of the Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s
The nickname and design of the “Chunky Dunky” are both inspired by the “Chunky Monkey” ice cream flavor
The cloud-shaped mid-panel is reminiscent of the ice cream carton’s design
A drippy yellow Swoosh covers the mid-panel and fuzzy cow print overlays on the forefoot and heel are a tongue-in-cheek nod to the key ingredient of ice cream: milk

What’s in a Name? The Sweet Story behind the ‘Chunky Dunky’ Nickname

Having a name like Chunky Dunky is as fun as rolling off a log! It’s because these outrageous sneakers flaunt the iconic Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream flair with unapologetic style. Named after the ice-cream flavor ‘Chunky Monkey’, the sneakers paraded a mouth-watering palette of crazily cool design elements.

Ben and Jerry Dunks Features: An In-depth Look at the Unique Design Elements

Picture this: Tie-dyed color splashes, delightful cow graphics, a sky-blue swoosh – it’s the whole Ben & Jerry’s experience, sans calories! The iconic cloud-like swoosh, the vibrant, fun design, the tongues featuring the Ben & Jerry’s logo – it’s like stepping into a 3D flavor burst with every wear! Check out its Features to get a taste of the madness.


Why are Ben and Jerry dunks so expensive?

Straight from the horse’s mouth, let’s hear it from StockX’s co-founder, Josh Luber, who Nails it: “It’s just supply and demand…And this shoe is really limited.” So, when it comes to the towering costs, the answer is simpler than you think – scarcity.

How much does the Ben and Jerry Dunks cost?

While the retail price floated around $100, the after-market price shot through the roof, thanks to scarcity and high demand. Today, these uber-cool kicks hit a resale price high of $1,600 – an impressive homage to sneaker culture!

Top Pick

Nike Mens Dunk High 1985 DD9404 800 Orange Acid Wash – Size 9


The Nike Dunk High 85 “Orange Acid Wash” is a modern version of the vintage basketball shoe in a design that’s consistent with the model’s original 1985 shape and look
The “Orange Acid Wash” succeeds previous Dunk High 85 models such as Undercover’s collaboration from 2021, as well as the “Black Acid Wash” and “Yellow Acid Wash”
The base is constructed in throwback-inspired cream leather
The leather overlays are displayed in an orange and blue acid wash design
An orange leather Swoosh appears on either side of the shoe. The Dunk High 1985’s tongue is noticeably taller than the tongue found on more recent editions of the shoe. Release date: February 23, 2022

What are the Ben and Jerry Dunks Called?

Other than the delectably descriptive “Chunky Dunky“, these legendary sneakers are often hailed as “Sneaker Gold” in collector circles. It’s a starting point for kick collectors, a sweet spot of quirky design and mainstream appeal.

Skating on the Edge – The Thrilling Collaboration between Ben & Jerry’s and Nike SB

When you think partnerships made in heaven, it’s usually Romeo and Juliet, not Ice-cream and Footwear. But behold the awe-inspiring union of Nike SB and Ben & Jerry’s! In one swift move, they sent sneakerheads and ice cream lovers alike spiraling into a frenzy. The result: a technicolor sneaker delight that oozes daring and deliciousness.



What are the rarest dunks in the world?

If you’ve been hit by the sneaker love bug, you’re probably wondering about the rarest dunks out there. Amongst the holy grails of sneakers stands eBay x Nike SB Dunk Low, a jaw-dropping rarity with just three pairs made. This ostentatious pair fetched $26,000 and left sneaker enthusiasts across the globe drooling in envy.

Price Comparison between the Rarest Dunks and Chunky Dunky

When you juxtapose the $26,000 eBay x Nike Dunks against the $1,600 Chunky Dunky, the latter seems like a steal, doesn’t it? But don’t be fooled – they still belong to the premium pantheon of sneaker collectibles.

Tracing the Success: A Brief Timeline of the ‘Ben and Jerry Dunks’

Starting its journey in May 2020, the Chunky Dunkys have swiftly escalated to the top of the sneaker heap ever since. Even amidst pandemic blues, these vivid kicks offered a creamy slice of joy, glory, and unabashed style sure to put a spring in any step.

The Last Scoop: Closing on a sweet yet powerful note.

In closing, the Ben and Jerry Dunks aren’t just shoes – they’re pop culture icons, a frozen delight for your feet. So, brace yourself to shell out a sizeable wad of cash, because these kicks aren’t your average Nikes but a whole visual treat that will make you the talk of the town.

There you have it, gents—the whole Chunky Dunky shebang! With its taste of success, don’t be sur-prised to see more tasty collabs (ahem, Adidas) scooping their way into the realm of sneakers soon. For the love of kicks, keep rocking the sneaker world, one shoe at a time. Happy collecting and adios for now!


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