The Downward Spiral of Kanye West

Ye was previously Kanye West’s musician, drops Donda 2 & premieres his trilogy on Netflix

Kanye West is always being talked about however, never for the proper motives. In February of 2021 Kanye West released Donda2 the eleventh studio album. A documentary series dubbed “jeen-yuss” is also accessible on Netflix. The sour split with Kim Kardashian has seen him being featured in news reports.

Donda 2 was released exclusively via the Stem Player music device. The album won’t be accessible via streaming services. Instead, you can buy the StemPlayer at a cost of $200. West is well-known for fixing issues later and release albums. The first album is seen as lacking quality when compared to his previous works.

After the divorce between him and his ex-wife, West is now in the media. According to reports, Kardashian is now dating Pete Davidson, a comedian on SNL. West attempted to convince people to harass him after they learned of their relationship. West even made a claymation-style video of the single Donda 2 which shows him killing Davidson alive.

West is an incredibly well-known artist who is frequently on the news whenever the album or project is set to release. There is a lot of speculation that controversy is a part and part of the release process. But, this appears to be more of a personal issue than sales of the album or Billboard rankings.

West is also sharing all of his company information through social media. The most recent development was Davidson’s attempt to reach out to West in an attempt to calm him down over his presence on social media. West continued to inform Davidson that he was going to the West’s Sunday Service, posting the exchange on the internet (now deleted). Davidson attempted to take a higher path and requested that his Saturday Night Live writers not to create material on the rapper.

Davidson has also called for West to stop expressing negative thoughts about Kardashian and to seek mental health treatment. As long as no more information is available it is difficult to discuss the situation.


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