Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz Creates Her Own Reputation

Zoe Kravitz has proved that she is a formidable force in her role as Catwoman, The Batman.

Being the daughter of a famous power couple can land you some jobs here and there however creating your own personal story isn’t an easy task. Being the child of the legendary singer Lenny Kravtiz and television/movie star Lisa Bonet is plenty of pressure. In the process of finding your own way, it seems like you’re being pushed to meet these expectations. In her role as the Catwoman to Robert Pattinson‘s Batman she subverts the expectations of everyone in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Kravitz was making waves in Hollywood. Nepotism is a big help however, she was getting into her stride as the lead in Hulu’s High Fidelity. It was a popular fan favorite, but it was cancelled after just one season. Although she appeared in films like Mad Max Fury Road and Fantastic Beasts, her roles were very minor.

Kravitz is absolutely perfect in her performance in the role of Selina Kyle as a jewel thief who has a mutual dangerous attraction The Batman. The role was previously played by Anne Hathaway, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Eartha Kitt, she has made the character her own.

The role of the future Catwoman has earned her so much praise that she even became the most recent host for Saturday Night Live, which is a definite sign you’re headed to the right path as an actor. She was a natural when it came to opening monologues, and is still the most very popular choice. Pictures of her as Princess Bella and The Princess of the Frog, were circulated online. It caught people’s attention since there’s been no live-action of the Disney film yet.

Although it is still unclear what Kravitz is going to do next, there are many options she could pursue. Her presence on screen is growing. It’s clear that she is becoming more comfortable in the roles she is playing and, at times, she is able to take the spotlight away from her co-stars. Even with standout characters like Paul Dano’s Riddler and the little-known Colin Farrell as the Penguin Kravitz’s Catwoman may be everyone’s favorite villain from Batman’s rogue’s galleries.

Everyone is eager to get one of the super hero pie. It launches you into the stratosphere in terms of exposure and also introduces your talents as an actor to so many new people. What better film to make a huge statement like The Batman, who is arguably the biggest superhero alive. Kravtiz’s fame will only increase from now on since she has shown no sign of slowing down. What’s to say, in the near future we’ll never call Lenny Kravitz “Zoe’s Dad”? It’s possible it’s just a matter time.

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