You’re Ready for The Competition Circuit.

Are you already chiseled? Do you want to experience the next thrill? To see how you compare to others, enter a bodybuilding contest for The Competition Circuit.

You’ve worked hard on your body for some time. Perhaps you have been competing in bodybuilding and are looking to enter a competition. It doesn’t matter if you win a trophy, if you are passionate about bodybuilding it will be rewarding. These are great tips for first-timers in bodybuilding, regardless of your goals.

1. You should make sure that you are prepared for your first competition.

Bodybuilding is not like other sports. There is no set season. Because it’s a year-round sport, you have the flexibility to choose when your first competition is. You should take the time to improve your posture and refine your body. The International Natural Bodybuilding Association has an event calendar that runs all the way through November if you feel you are ready. Find out where you are at and how long it will take to compete-ready. Then choose a date that gives you enough time to prepare.

2. Competition-ready physiques require major discipline.

A body that is ready for competition is what defines Chiseled. Your body should have a low body fat percentage. You should also be well-defined. You should have lifted for at least two years and been following your macros for at least half a calendar year. You will need to eat a stricter diet when the competition date is near.

3. In competitions, it is important to pose.

These poses can make or break your chances for success. A tip for success is to practice the poses for longer periods of time. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 seconds to hold the pose. If you can hold it for 40 seconds, it will be much easier.

4. First, practice in the mirror and then lose it.

Another useful tip is to practice first in the mirror and then slowly lose it. You won’t have a mirror to guide you on stage. To capture your face and muscles before you go on stage, videotape yourself. It is important to know which poses work best with different lighting.

Many people don’t know that bodybuilding is an extremely complex sport. There is a lot of preparation and work involved once you are committed to it. You’ve worked on your body for years. You’re ready to push yourself and show your potential in the big leagues.


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