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Get Ripped

If you’re stuck at a wall and don’t know where to go next, consider what you can do.

The goal of Getting ripped may be anything you choose, but we want to help make you the best version you can. No matter what it means, we’ll help guide you.

There’s always room for improvement, even if someone is on the opposite side of the fitness spectrum. Most likely, you’re familiar with the fitness lifestyle. You do your best to work out almost every day and have a plan for the next six weeks.

Many people would find that enough is enough. With all the challenges life can throw at you, you are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It all begins with reflection. What makes your life different from the man next to you? And then the other guys at the fitness center. To be the best version you can, you have to let go of other people. Here are some tips that will make you stand out.

Girl with abs
Girl has got some abs!

It all starts with your mind.

It might not seem like a competition to others, but it is. If you can’t agree with the others, then it is your fault. You can start by setting goals and having an assertive attitude. You must let go your limiting beliefs. Doing instead of thinking or wishing is the key. You can do whatever it takes to get that extra set in the gym or organize your goals for the week. You often feel your mind want to give up before your body does. This applies to your daily life, not only to exercise.

Every day, get one percent better.

While it may seem difficult to improve your self-esteem each day, it is not impossible. To be more productive and to get more done each day, it’s worth taking small steps.

Don’t give up on failure.

No matter what, there will be setbacks. That’s okay if you feel less than great, or if your workout was not as enjoyable as usual. You can rest up and get back at it tomorrow.

Get Organized and Stick to It.

Getting ripped abs and setting goals will make everything much easier to organize, manage and accomplish. You can create healthy pressure by scheduling your tasks, setting deadlines, recording your work, and keeping track of it. You can take proactive steps and set a deadline if you want to achieve a particular weight. You want to be better at the gym and get PRs, so keep track of your progress.

Ripped atheletic abs
Ripped atheletic abs

Be better than your neighbor.

What is it that other people have that you do not? Do you have ambition, work ethic, or simply a better body than others? These are great examples to use as inspiration and help you not only reach your goals, but exceed them. Only by identifying the things that are missing from your life, you can become the best version of yourself.

Granite teaches you how to make your body and mind feel great. Being the best version possible of yourself does not have to be complicated. You can make everything easier by adopting the right mindset, attitude and approach. It’s only one chance to live so make it count.

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