Best LG G3 Review: A Legacy Smartphone

Delving Into the LG G3 Experience: A Comprehensive Retrospective

Back in the day, when the LG G3 first made its grand entrance into the tech arena, it was like the guy that turns up at a tube top-themed party, in a suit that screams both ‘boss’ and ‘let’s boogie’. It was 2014, and smartphones were just beginning to test the waters of what they could become. Apple and Samsung were duking it out, but here came LG, sliding into the mix with something that made the crowd go wild.

At its launch, the LG G3 did more than turn heads – it spun them right around! With its laser focus (literally, it had laser autofocus), crisp Quad HD display, and a design that was cleaner than your grandpa’s Sunday shoes, it set the stage for what smartphones would strive for in the years to come.

LG G3’s Design Philosophy: Anticipating the Future

Chatting about the LG G3’s design is like reminiscing about Leo in ‘That 70s Show‘; it’s got that timeless charm. Like seriously, the LG G3 was rocking that minimalistic, sleek look – all slimline and dressed to impress with a lightweight build that could make it a catwalk model. It wasn’t just about looks though; this phone was as tough as it was tight, with a build quality that could survive a tumble better than a stunt double.

And let’s not forget, the G3 was rocking that bezel-less edge before it was cool – a trailblazer that made phones start thinking thin. It was like a little peek into the future, and buddy, it was looking good.

LG GSeries Inch Class OLED evo K Processor Smart Flat Screen TV for Gaming with Magic Remote AI Powered Gallery Edition OLEDGPUA, with Alexa Built in

LG GSeries Inch Class OLED evo K Processor Smart Flat Screen TV for Gaming with Magic Remote AI Powered Gallery Edition OLEDGPUA, with Alexa Built in


Introducing the LG GSeries Inch Class OLED evo 4K Processor Smart Flat Screen TV – an engineering masterpiece that sets a new standard for your gaming and home entertainment experience. With its cutting-edge OLED evo technology, this Gallery Edition OLEDGPUA delivers exceptionally vibrant colors and deep blacks to bring your favorite games and movies to life. The advanced 4K processor enhances picture and sound quality, ensuring that every detail is crisp and clear, while a high refresh rate and low input lag make it an ideal choice for even the most demanding gamers. Alexa built-in adds convenience by allowing voice control over your TV, smart home devices, and access to a vast array of streaming services without the need for an additional external device.

The LG GSeries is designed with aesthetics in mind, featuring an ultra-slim, bezel-less frame that makes it an impressive centerpiece of any modern living space – it’s a TV that looks as good as it performs. Its AI-powered capabilities not only optimize picture and sound settings for the best possible viewing experience but also allow for personalized content recommendations and easy navigation. The Magic Remote further enhances the user experience with its intuitive controls, including point, click, scroll, and voice recognition, which lets you effortlessly manage your entertainment options.

Gaming on the LG GSeries is a truly immersive experience thanks to its suite of features tailored for gamers. It supports a range of gaming formats, including NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync, providing a smooth, tear-free gaming experience with minimal stutter. Coupled with the fast response times inherent to OLED displays and Dolby Vision IQ, the TV adjusts brightness and contrast levels in real-time for optimal gaming visuals. With the LG GSeries, you’ll not only be equipped with a top-tier gaming TV but also with a remarkable all-in-one entertainment hub, perfect for anyone seeking to elevate their home entertainment experience.

Feature Description
Model LG G3 OLED
Screen Resolution 4K Ultra High Definition
Panel Technology OLED evo
Image Processor Advanced AI-powered processor for enhanced picture quality
Smart Platform Ai ThinQ with built-in voice assistants and smart home compatibility
HDR Support Yes, provides exceptional brights and darks
Size Options Varying sizes, starting from £1,399.00
Mounting Wall mount included; stand not included (available with LG C3)
Gaming Performance HDR gaming with Black Stabilizer for contrast adjustment
Retail Price Starting from £1,399.00 as of the latest update
Where to Buy
Benefits Cinematic experience, fast and intelligent setup, extensive smart features
Date of Information July 12, 2023

Powering Through the Years: The LG G3’s Performance

Alright, the LG G3 might not have had the muscle of today’s gym-junkie smartphones, but back in the day? It was the heavyweight champ. Sporting a Snapdragon 801 chip and up to 3 GB of RAM, it was the tech equivalent of a rockstar going full throttle at an Ajr concert.

Look, she wasn’t winning any marathons now, but it held its own in the performance stakes pretty darn well. Whether you were crushing it in a game or just swiping through your day, the LG G3 didn’t just keep up; it set the pace.

Image 11801

The Brilliance Behind LG G3’s Display Technology

Let’s talk screen-smarts, shall we? The LG G3 brought the house down with a display that had people’s jaws hitting the floor so hard they needed to call a repairman. A Quad HD, 2560×1440 resolution that was so sharp, you could cut yourself on it – metaphorically, guys, metaphorically.

What this star of the screen did was dial up the display game big time. Remember, this was the era when HD was the cool kid, but the G3 – ah, the G3 – it was like the first kid on the block to own a Lincoln Lawyer season 2 DVD boxset; ahead of its time.

LG G3’s User Interface: Innovating the User Experience

The LG G3 wasn’t just a pretty face; it had the brains to match. The user interface was slicker than a conman selling ice in the Arctic. LG took Android and gave it a makeover, decking it out with intuitive features and a ‘Smart Notice’ that was like having your own personal assistant – minus the scary hourly rate.

Let’s not beat around the bush; compared to the swift, swanky UIs of today, it might feel a little ‘Linda Ronstadt Songs‘ nostalgia trip. But back then? It was the frontman of the UI rock band.

LG OLED evo GInch K Smart TV Hz Bundle GX ch High Res Audio Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer Dolby Atmos (odel)

LG OLED evo GInch K Smart TV Hz Bundle GX ch High Res Audio Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer Dolby Atmos (odel)


Indulge in an unparalleled viewing experience with the LG OLED evo G2 Inch 4K Smart TV, featuring a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth, crystal-clear motion. This technologically advanced TV boasts self-lit pixels that deliver perfect blacks and vibrant colors, resulting in a contrast and depth that make your favorite movies and shows come to life. Equipped with AI-powered 4K upscaling and the α9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K, every scene is optimized for peak brilliance, ensuring stunning detail and realism. Moreover, the intuitive webOS platform offers easy access to streaming services and a customizable home screen to keep all your content at your fingertips.

Heighten your auditory experience with the included GX 3.1.2 channel High Res Audio Soundbar, a perfect complement to the visual prowess of the OLED TV. With Dolby Atmos and hi-resolution audio certification, this soundbar envelopes you in rich, clear sound, replicating a cinematic surround sound environment in the comfort of your own home. The wireless subwoofer provides deep, thrilling bass without the clutter of additional wires, ensuring an immersive audio experience that matches the TV’s impressive picture quality. Its sleek design harmonizes with the TV, creating an elegant aesthetic that enhances any room.

This LG OLED evo G2 Inch 4K Smart TV and GX Soundbar bundle redefine the home entertainment landscape, offering a synergy of state-of-the-art audio and video technology. With easy Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity, setting up this bundle is a breeze, ensuring a seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem. Voice control capabilities through popular platforms like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Airplay 2 add a layer of modern convenience to your viewing and listening experience. Dive into a new era of entertainment with this all-in-one package that promises to transform any movie night into an extraordinary event.

(Note: The model name of the soundbar is not explicitly provided and is assumed to be part of the “GX” series based on the information given. Also, the exact size of the TV is referred to as “Inch” due to the absence of the specific screen size in the product title provided. Kindly provide these details for a more precise description.)

Capturing Timeless Moments: The LG G3’s Camera Capabilities

Picture this – a smartphone camera that’s like a mini version of a Hollywood camera crew. The LG G3 flaunted a 13 MP shooter that was snappier than a tourist in Times Square. Optical image stabilization? Check. Laser autofocus that locked onto subjects like a love-struck teenager? Double-check.

Okay, it might not stand toe-to-toe with today’s ultra-megapixel monsters, but it’s got charm, reliability, and a killer instinct for good shots. It’s the cool, classic camera that could.

Image 11802

Batteries Included: The Longevity of the LG G3’s Power Source

When it came to battery life, the LG G3 was like that Energizer bunny – it just kept going and going. But here’s the kicker: it had a replaceable battery. Like, you could just pop the back off and switch it out. Revolutionary, right? In today’s sealed-tight tech world, the G3’s swappable battery situation is like gold dust.

Seriously, the longevity of this little dynamo was impressive. It had the staying power of a marathon runner fueled by sheer passion (and maybe some carbs).

Unearthing the LG G3’s Ecosystem and Accessories

So, remember when I mentioned that the LG G3 didn’t come with a stand? Turns out, it’s more of a chameleon, making itself at home either on a swanky wall mount or simply with the G3 series that includes a stand. But that’s the charm of the G3 – its flexibility. And, oh boy, did it have an entourage of accessories.

You had a bevy of goodies: QuickCircle cases, wireless chargers, and even VR goggles. These were not just gimmicks; they were the spice to the G3’s already zesty life, extending its capabilities and cementing its rep as the tech gadget that plays well with others.

LG GSeries Inch Class OLED evo K Processor Smart Flat Screen TV for Gaming with Magic Remote AI Powered Gallery Edition OLEDGPUA, with Alexa Built in (Renewed), CRTLGOLEDGPUA

LG GSeries Inch Class OLED evo K Processor Smart Flat Screen TV for Gaming with Magic Remote AI Powered Gallery Edition OLEDGPUA, with Alexa Built in (Renewed), CRTLGOLEDGPUA


Introducing the LG GSeries Inch Class OLED evo 4K Processor Smart Flat Screen TV, a renewed Gallery Edition model CRTLGOLEDGPUA, meticulously designed to elevate your home entertainment and gaming experience to unparalleled heights. With its cutting-edge OLED evo technology, this impressive television showcases vivid, life-like pictures that burst with color and detail, thanks to over eight million self-lit pixels that deliver perfect black and infinite contrast. The powerful 4K processor not only ensures outstanding picture quality but also enhances upscaling, giving you more clarity and detail in every scene. Its sleek, flat-screen design fits seamlessly into any gaming setup or living space, embodying sophistication and technological excellence.

The television’s gaming performance is second to none, offering low input lag and fast response times which are crucial for high-speed gaming, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition. LG has also equipped this TV with advanced features like HDMI 2.1 support, variable refresh rate (VRR), and auto low latency mode (ALLM), which work in harmony to provide a smooth and immersive gaming experience. Integrated with AI-powered audio and visual enhancement technologies, such as Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, this TV adjusts the picture and sound settings in real-time, so gamers and cinephiles alike can enjoy their content in the best possible quality. Moreover, the addition of NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync compatibility makes it the perfect match for gamers seeking a stutter-free and fully synchronized gameplay.

The LG GSeries OLED TV comes with a host of smart features, including the revolutionary Magic Remote, which offers voice control and intuitive navigation to simplify the way you search and select content. This television has Alexa built-in, enabling you to effortlessly control your TV and connected smart home devices using just your voice, creating a more convenient and connected living environment. You can stream from your favorite platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more, and with its AI-powered software, the TV learns your preferences, recommending shows and movies tailored to your tastes. Whether you’re gaming to win, binge-watching your favorite series, or reveling in cinematic masterpieces, this LG OLED TV is engineered to transcend the ordinary and transform your viewing into an extraordinary experience.

Community and Support: The Lifeblood of the LG G3

Look, community is to tech what air is to breathing – essential. The LG G3 had fans more loyal than a golden retriever. The support was legit, with updates keeping the phone spry and quick on the draw.

But let’s not forget the squad of DIY tech wizards keeping the G3 in the game with custom ROMs and mods. These folks are the heart and soul, keeping the G3 strutting its stuff longer than anyone expected.

Image 11803

The Verdict: Assessing the LG G3 in Today’s Tech Landscape

Flash forward to today, and the tech landscape is like downtown Tokyo – all neon and newfangled. But the LG G3? It holds its own, like a classic car amidst a sea of supercharged vehicles. It’s got class, it’s got pedigree, and in today’s world, it’s a reminder of when phones were both smart and art.

Its fingerprint might be all over the industry, from design to features. It’s the wise old sage of smartphones, having paved the way for what we take for granted today.

The LG G3’s Place in Technological History

Historians will look back on the LG G3 with a fondness usually reserved for legends. It’s got a slot in the Tech Hall of Fame, right there with the game-changers that moved the needle.

From the display to the design language, it nudged the entire smartphone world to up their game. It’s a piece of tech ancestry, a blueprint that modern gizmos could still learn a trick or two from.

Reflecting on the LG G3’s Enduring Appeal

There’s something about the LG G3 that still makes tech hearts flutter. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or maybe it’s the reminder of simpler times when a phone was as adventurous in spirit as its user.

It’s clear why the LG G3 still has its loyalists. It was a phone that didn’t just ‘blend in’; it stood out, made its mark, and did it with swagger.

Revisiting a Classic: What the LG G3 Teaches Us About Innovation

The LG G3 is more than a relic; it’s a lesson in daring. In a world now crowded with cookie-cutter tech, the G3 teaches us that innovation isn’t just about adding more – sometimes, it’s about being more.

From its intuitive UI to its bold design choices, it’s a testament to tech’s potential to shake things up and keep us on our toes.

Embracing the Past, Envisioning the Future: How the LG G3 Shapes Our Technological Tomorrow

The LG G3 wasn’t just a phone; it was a piecer- together of possibilities. It showed us that there’s more to innovation than meets the eye, and that, my friends, is the secret sauce in the tech stew.

As we stand on the precipice of the next big thing, it’s the ethos of the G3 – bold, brave, and unapologetically forward-thinking – that’ll continue to light up the path. And that’s a legacy worth dialing in for.

Now, if you’re looking to bring a classic back to life, the revamped LG G3 OLED is available from just £1,399.00 with deals on It’s like reviving a legend – because some tech deserves an encore. The LG G3, with its powerhouse performance and cinematic finesse, lives on – reimagined for the new age but still iconic at heart.

Hey there, don’t forget the LG G3 brings gaming to life with HDR performance that’s as bold as it is beautiful. Need to tweak those dark scenes? Just hit up the Black Stabilizer and get lost in a world that’s as vivid as real life. Just remember to come up for air once in a while, will ya?

This is the LG G3 – the legacy smartphone that keeps on giving, proving it’s not just about the latest and greatest; it’s about being the greatest, full stop.

Did You Know? The LG G3’s Untold Stories

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the LG G3, a smartphone that definitely had its moment in the sun. It’s like that cool kid from high school that you can’t help but remember fondly. So, let’s dive into the trivia-filled pool of facts and fish out the most interesting bits about the LG G3. Buckle up, because you’re in for a treat, and who knows, you might just end up loving this legacy device a little more!

The Screen That Outshone the Rest

Guess what? The LG G3 was quite the trailblazer back in the day. It rocked a stunning 5.5-inch screen that made everyone do a double-take. And why? Because it wasn’t just any screen—it was the talk of Tech Town with its eye-popping Quad HD display. That’s 2560 x 1440 pixels, folks, four times the resolution of HD. It was so sharp, it could practically cut through all the blurry competition. Now, isn’t that sharper than Leo’s wit in “leo That 70s show“?

Under the Hood: A Beast in Disguise

Alright, let’s pop the hood open and see what’s cookin’. The LG G3 was no slouch in the performance department, that’s for sure. With its Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and up to 3GB of RAM, this bad boy could juggle multiple tasks like it was no big deal. It was like it had aced multitasking at some high-tech circus. Guess it was a jack-of-all-trades, huh?

A Camera That Got People Talking

Now, here’s something that had everyone chattering away like there was no tomorrow. The LG G3’s camera was nothing short of revolutionary at the time. Optical image stabilization? Check. Laser autofocus? Oh, you bet! This meant you could snap pictures faster than a magician’s disappearing act. And with 13 megapixels to boot, those photos were clearer than a crystal ball.

A Quirky Sidekick: The Smart Notice Feature

You’ve heard of personal assistants, but the LG G3’s Smart Notice was more like a quirky sidekick. Always there to offer personalized suggestions and handy tips, it was like having your own pocket-sized lifestyle coach. Sure, it might have been a tad over-eager at times, but isn’t that part of its charm?

A Design Leap Forward

Don’t even get us started on the design! The LG G3 said ‘no more’ to the plasticky feel of its predecessors. It stepped up the game with a sleek, metallic skin that felt as smooth as butter. And the rear key? That was a stroke of genius. This gadget knew that true beauty lies in simplicity and ergonomics.

There you have it—a whimsical whirlwind tour of the LG G3’s most fun and surprising facts. Kinda makes you want to give it a round of applause and maybe even a standing ovation, doesn’t it? Sure, it may no longer be the new kid on the block, but it definitely left a mark that’s still remembered by tech enthusiasts around the globe. Who knows, after walking down this memory lane, the LG G3 might just become the Leo of smartphones in your heart.

LG GSeries Inch Class OLED evo Smart TV OLEDGPUA, Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer SQY .Ch, atts Output, Home Theater Audio with Dolby Atmos, DTSX, and IMAX Enhanced

LG GSeries Inch Class OLED evo Smart TV OLEDGPUA, Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer SQY   .Ch, atts Output, Home Theater Audio with Dolby Atmos, DTSX, and IMAX Enhanced


The LG GSeries Inch Class OLED evo Smart TV OLEDGPUA epitomizes cutting-edge visual technology with its impeccable OLED display, delivering vibrant colors, deepest blacks, and an extraordinary contrast ratio for an immersive viewing experience like no other. The self-lit pixels ensure a stunning picture from any angle, making this TV a perfect centerpiece for your living area. Powered by LG’s latest α9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K, the OLEDGPUA intelligently upscales content to make the most out of its Ultra HD resolution, while the innovative OLED evo technology enhances brightness and sharpness, pushing the boundaries of picture quality. Adding to the intuitive user experience, it comes equipped with the popular webOS platform, offering seamless access to popular streaming apps, simple navigation, and a customizable layout to fit your viewing preferences.

To complement the visual splendor of the OLEDGPUA, the included Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer SQY unit delivers an auditory experience that is equally captivating. With its 3.1.2 channels, the sound system boasts a robust 440 watts of output, filling any room with high-fidelity audio that enlivens your favorite movies, music, and games. The sound bar integrates perfectly with the TV, offering sophisticated design cues that enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. Advanced audio technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X create a 360-degree soundscape that puts you at the heart of the action, enveloping you in lifelike sound that flows all around you.

To elevate the home theater ambiance even further, the system is also IMAX Enhanced, promising a level of immersion that is usually reserved for the cinema. This certification means the audio setup is optimized to reproduce the full dynamic range of specially mastered IMAX Enhanced content, providing an unparalleled listening experience right in the comfort of your home. The wireless subwoofer adds to the convenience by allowing flexible placement without the need for cumbersome wiring, all while delivering deep, punchy bass that captures the subtleties of each scene’s audio track. Together, the LG GSeries OLED TV and the accompanying sound system redefine the meaning of home entertainment, offering a luxurious, enveloping sensory experience that will make your movies, shows, and games come to life like never before.

How much is the LG G3 TV?

Well, you’re looking at a bit of a financial commitment for the LG G3 TV; prices fluctuate depending on where you shop, but you’re generally looking at a ballpark figure in the high-end spectrum. Don’t forget to check for sales or deals!

Is The LG G3 4K?

Absolutely, the LG G3 is not just 4K, it’s ultra HD with all the trimmings. This means you get a picture that’s as sharp as a tack!

Does the LG OLED G3 come with a stand?

Hold your horses, the LG OLED G3 does indeed come with a stand – no need to rummage through your garage for a makeshift one!

Is The LG G3 good for gaming?

Oh, the LG G3? It’s a gamer’s delight! With its low input lag and fast response time, it’s like it was built with gaming in mind.

How old is the LG G3?

The LG G3 is a fresh face in the market; it’s as young as it gets without being futuristic, having been released not too long ago.

What is the difference between LG C3 and G3?

It’s like choosing between two great flavors of ice cream. The LG C3 and G3 both offer superb pictures, but the G3 has a few more bells and whistles, including a fancier design and brighter screen.

Is LG 4K better than Samsung 4K?

Hmm, the age-old LG versus Samsung 4K tussle, eh? Look, both have their pros and cons, and it really boils down to personal preference. Like comparing apples to oranges – both are good, just depends on your taste buds!

Is LG Full HD better than 4K?

Talk about a clear difference! LG’s Full HD is great and all, but 4K is like stepping into the future – four times the resolution means it’s pretty much the gold standard.

What does 4K mean on LG TV?

4K on an LG TV ain’t just a number – it’s the highway to the land of crystal-clear images, boasting a resolution with four times the detail of Full HD. Welcome to the big leagues!

Is OLED better than QLED?

Oh boy, OLED versus QLED is like the tech world’s heavyweight bout. OLED often has the edge with those deep blacks and vibrant colors – it’s like the champ of picture quality.

Is LG G3 good for bright room?

The LG G3 doesn’t just handle bright rooms; it knocks it out of the park with its anti-reflective screen and brightness that cuts through glare like a hot knife through butter.

How bright is LG G3?

Talking about brightness, the LG G3 shines bright like a diamond – it’s designed to dazzle with lumens that make those HDR highlights pop.

Is OLED G3 worth it?

Is the LG OLED G3 worth it? If you’re after picture quality that’ll knock your socks off, then yeah – start counting those pennies!

Is LG C or G better?

Choosing between LG’s C series and G series? It’s like picking between a coupe and a convertible – both are slick, but the G series often comes with a few extra horses under the hood.

Does LG G3 support Dolby Vision?

Fancy a bit of Dolby Vision? Well, you’re in luck because the LG G3 isn’t just supporting it, it’s embracing it wholeheartedly for cinema-quality viewing.

When was LG G3 TV released?

Flashback to the release of the LG G3 TV – it made its grand debut recently, so it’s packed with the latest goodies.

How much is LG G3 OLED 77?

For the 77-inch LG G3 OLED, you’ll need to shell out a pretty penny – we’re talking top dollar for this magnificent beast of a TV.

Does LG make 3D TVs anymore?

LG and 3D TVs had a good run, but they’ve since hung up their 3D glasses – so, you won’t find any new LG 3D TVs on the shelves these days.

How much is the most expensive LG TV?

Buckle up! The most expensive LG TV can cost an arm and a leg – we’re talking luxury car prices for their top-tier models. Better start saving those pennies or look for a windfall!


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