Knives Out Movie: 5 Must-See Twists

When the credits rolled on Knives Out, it wasn’t just the onscreen mystery that had us in a chokehold. Rian Johnson’s cleverly spun yarn didn’t just land—it somersaulted into our collective cultural consciousness, throwing a cheeky smirk at knackered genre conventions on the way down. With twists that’d have a corkscrew feeling straight as an arrow, let’s unsheathe and inspect the Knives Out movie series, which has guys like us hooked more than our better half’s latest addictive Floribama shore drama.

Knives Out

Knives Out


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The Knives Out Film Series: Setting the Stage for Ingenious Twists

Picture this: a movie that steps into the arena with the swagger of a veteran but the ingenuity of a rookie, ready to redefine the murder-mystery game. Knives Out did just that, and here’s why:

A Regal Return to Form: Johnson’s original film dusted off the whodunit shelves and served us something that felt both comfortable and exhilaratingly fresh, like slipping into a pair of designer sneakers after a year in office brogues.

Cultural Cornerstone Confirmed: When people weren’t trading theories about the killer’s identity, they were raving about the A-list cast. The cultural ripple effect was more like a splash, and our own Chris Nunez would know something about making a mark.

Upping the Ante: Each new installment sharpened the initial edge, reminding us that good storytelling, like a fine whiskey, gets better with age.

Image 15524

Twist #1: A Patchwork of Perspectives – Dismantling the Classic Whodunit in Knives Out

The classic whodunit tells you there’s a killer, and you best bet your night’s sleep on figuring out who. Here’s how Knives Out slices into that narrative:

A Beautiful Mess of Narratives: Right off the bat, we’re fed stories more tangled than earbuds in a pocket, making us doubt every alibi like a jealous lover. Each character tosses in a piece of the puzzle—too bad it’s a double-sided one.

Trust Issues Galore: What’s reliable narration? In this movie, it’s about as concrete as a promise made on a Vegas stag night.

Modern Magic: Let’s just say this patchwork approach kicked the dusty Agatha Christie formula to the curb, nodding politely to the past while winking at the future.

Knives Out (Limited Edition Steelbook) [K Ultra HD + Blu ray + Digital HD]

Knives Out (Limited Edition Steelbook) [K Ultra HD + Blu ray + Digital HD]


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The “Knives Out” limited edition steelbook is not merely a collector’s item, but a gateway to experiencing the movie in the highest available quality. The 4K Ultra HD disc showcases the film with phenomenal picture clarity and contrast, paired with Dolby Atmos audio that immerses you in the story’s every twist and turn. The additional Blu-ray disc offers a chance to enjoy the movie in high-definition format. Plus, with the included Digital HD copy, you can take the mystery with you on-the-go, to watch whenever and wherever your sleuthing senses may tingle.

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Category Details
Title Knives Out
Release Date November 27, 2019
Genre Mystery, Thriller, Comedy-Drama
Director Rian Johnson
Writer Rian Johnson
Cast Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson,
Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, Christopher Plummer
Cinematography Steve Yedlin
Music by Nathan Johnson
Production Companies Media Rights Capital, T-Street
Distributor Lionsgate
Running Time 130 minutes
Language English
Budget $40 million
Box Office $311.4 million
Plot Summary A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.
Awards and Nominations – Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay
– Golden Globe nominations for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy and Best Actor for
Daniel Craig
– Numerous other nominations and wins across various award institutions
Critical Reception Generally received positive reviews, praised for its screenplay, direction, and performances.
Rotten Tomatoes score: 97%
Movie Series Followed by a sequel titled ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’, released in 2022.

Twist #2: An Unconventional Sleuth – Deconstructing the Detective Archetype in the Knives Out Movies

Enter Benoit Blanc, Daniel Craig’s Southern drawl-draped detective, and darling, he’s as refreshing as a mint julep on a scorching day.

Bowties and Bourbon: This ain’t your granddad’s sleuth. With a charm that could put Sam Elliot to shame, Benoit disrupts the Hercule Poirot mold, trading meticulous grooming for a devil-may-care demeanor.

Character Crescendo: Across the series, Blanc peels like an onion, showing us that a great detective doesn’t need to be a locked box of secrets—sometimes, vulnerability ties the bow on the package.

Complexity is King: In Knives Out, a good detective went beyond the magnifying glass; Blanc’s depth turns our expectations sideways.

Image 15525

Twist #3: The Layered Society – The Knives Out Films’ Commentary on Class and Privilege

Mysteries are great for social eavesdropping, and the Knives Out series is like the ultimate high-society bug, tapping into themes as relevant as tweets during a political showdown.

A Tale of Two Tax Brackets: Peel back the wallpaper, and you’ll see a vivid portrait of the haves and the have-nots—kinda like the split between dudes with six-packs and those sporting dad bods.

Family Feuds: The Thrombey clan and their allies epitomize the ugly underbelly of privilege, where trust funds are thicker than blood—a dynamic that could spin the moral compass like a dreidel.

Checks and Imbalances: Whether it’s motive, means, or opportunity, the films poke at power’s uncomfortable intersection with justice, marrying social commentary with cunning plotlines.

Knives Out [Blu ray]

Knives Out [Blu ray]


“Knives Out” is a captivating modern whodunit that comes to life on Blu-ray, offering viewers an exceptional home cinema experience. Directed by the acclaimed Rian Johnson, this star-studded murder mystery follows the intriguing case of the Thrombey family, where everyone is a suspect. With crystal-clear high-definition video and immersive audio, audiences can enjoy every witty line and stunning visual detail. The Blu-ray edition ensures that fans can relive the suspense and humor of this instant classic with the highest quality presentation.

Packed with exceptional extras, the “Knives Out” Blu-ray treat fans with featurettes that delve into the making of the film, including director commentaries, deleted scenes, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. These special features give an in-depth look at the film’s creative process, from the intricate set design to its clever script and the craft of its ensemble cast. Viewers get to explore the mansion’s secrets and the filmmaker’s vision, making for an engaging and enriching experience beyond the main feature. Each bonus material segment adds layers of appreciation for the film’s homage to classic mystery storytelling with a contemporary twist.

“Knives Out” Blu-ray’s packaging design resonates with the film’s thrilling ambiance, featuring slick artwork that encapsulates the movie’s tone. Whether as an addition to a Blu-ray collection or a perfect gift for film aficionados, this edition is a must-have. Its durable quality and timeless appeal guarantee that ‘Knives Out’ on Blu-ray can be enjoyed for years to come, always ready to pull viewers back into its complex web of deception and intrigue. Die-hard mystery fans and newcomers alike will find themselves whisked away on a roller-coaster ride of suspense every time they press play.

Twist #4: The Game of Expectations – Subverting Genre Conventions in the Knives Out Movie Series

If there’s one thing the series is ace at, it’s luring us into a false sense of genre familiarity, then bam! It flips the script quicker than a twist reveal in creed 3 gets your pulse racing.

Tug-of-War Tropes: Just as you settle into the groove of suspected clichés, Johnson cuts the strings. You’re welcome, gents, for that hearty serving of “didn’t see that coming.”

A Symphony of Surprises: Like a maestro conducting a symphony of shocks, the narrative’s undulating pace keeps you guessing if the next turn is a cliff or a rest stop.

The Unexpected Guest: Embrace these subversions as intellectual stimulants—because nothing says “I’ve still got it” like outsmarting the filmmaker from your couch.

Image 15526

Twist #5: Crafting the Perfect Crime – The Evolution of the Whodunit Puzzle in Knives Out

Witnessing the unfolding of a whodunit riddle is as satisfying as a tailor-fitted suit, except this one’s woven with threads invisible to the naked eye.

A Clue Cocktail: Johnson shakes clues and red herrings together like a bartender with a grudge, embedding Easter eggs more cunningly than the Playboy Mansion’s landscaping.

Sherlockian Scrutiny: With a nod to the Holmes-level attention to the minuscule, viewers who pick up on the breadcrumbs deserve a tip of the cap—and perhaps a role in the next mind-bender.

Reimagining ‘Perfect’: If the ‘perfect crime’ was a diamond, Knives Out movies are the jeweler’s loupe—every facet inspected, every angle polished to near perfection.

An All-Encompassing World: The Expanding Universe of Knives Out Movies

The gravitational pull of the Knives Out universe is legit, drawing in fans faster than the allure of Hombres Desnudos in a steamy summer blockbuster.

More Than Just Movies: Talking sequels, spin-offs, and whispers of novelizations, this universe is blossoming like a manly, well-groomed beard.

The Captivated Masses: The cunning twists and shrewd social observation have spun a web wider than any Dixie Carter wrestling promo could hope to muster.

What’s Next?: With eyes as wide as saucers, we anticipate, speculate, and salivate over what narrative concoctions are brewing in Johnson’s cauldron. Stay tuned, fellow aficionados.

Conclusion: Behind the Knife – The Cutting Edge of Modern Mysteries

As we tuck our knives back in their sheaths, let’s not forget that these films are more than their sharp turns and startling revelations. They are a modern gladiator arena where social undercurrents duel with wit, where a single film can both reflect its times and redefine a genre, like evil dead rise reinvigorated the horror genre.

From their societal scalpel to their narrative novelty, the Knives Out movies haven’t just snuck onto the scene; they’ve barged in, plonked themselves down on the couch, and dared us to change the channel. Spoiler: we won’t. Instead, we raise our glasses—here’s to the twists, turns, and sheer audacity of Knives Out. May the future of mystery movies be just as cunningly crafted. Cheers, gentlemen.

Unsheathing Secrets: The ‘Knives Out Movie’ Plot Twists You Never Saw Coming

Hey there, fellow sleuths and cinema lovers! Buckle up, as we’re about to take a stab at unraveling the mind-bending whirlpool of deceptions and revelations that make the ‘Knives Out movie’ a masterpiece of modern mystery. With a plot twistier than a serpent in a corkscrew factory, this film will keep you guessing until the very last frame.

A Testament to Surprise

Hold onto your detective hats because the family patriarch’s demise isn’t what kicks off this whole shebang. Instead, it’s the reading of his will that truly throws the cat amongst the pigeons. But wait, the twists don’t stop there! The genteel facades of the Thrombey clan crumble faster than a cookie in a toddler’s grip, revealing secrets more twisted than a Bavarian pretzel. Trust me, this ‘Knives Out movie’ scene flipped the script on traditional whodunits in ways you wouldn’t believe.

The Help Has the Upper Hand

Just when you thought you had this case buttoned up, enter Marta—our moral compass and the unsuspecting nurse who can’t seem to tell a lie without tossing her cookies. This gal’s got an airtight alibi, or does she? It’s a rollercoaster of misdirection that’d have you screaming for your mama. Yet, somehow, her connection to the Thrombeys is the Gordian knot tying together the loose threads of this intricate mystery. Oh, and did I mention she can’t lie without… well, let’s say it’s very inconvenient.

A Trove of Tricks and A Sleuth With Style

Who could forget our suave detective Benoit Blanc, with a drawl thicker than molasses in January? The dude pops out of nowhere with a flair for drama and a nose for the truth. His investigative methods are as unconventional as pineapple on pizza, but man, do they deliver the goods! He’s like a human fog machine, shrouding every certainty in doubt until the grand reveal.

Smoke and Mirrors in a Knit Sweater

Beware the black sheep in cozy knitwear, kids. You’d think nothing’s more benign than a sweater-clad gentleman, but you’d be dead wrong. Rian Johnson, the director, spins a yarn with a twist so unexpected, it’ll leave you as bewildered as a penguin in a pancake house. It’s proof that in the ‘Knives Out movie,’ the devil really is in the details—or in this case, in the stitches of a cable-knit sweater.

The Last Laugh

Just when the knots seem too tangled to unravel, the ‘Knives Out movie’ pulls out its last card, and it’s a doozy! The final twist hits you like a piñata explosion at a birthday party—candy, confetti, total mayhem! But for those paying attention, the foreshadowing was there, hidden in plain sight like a chameleon in a bowl of Skittles. It ties up the whole shebang with the polish of a magician’s trick, and you can bet your last dollar that it’s one for the books.

There you have it—five twists in the ‘Knives Out movie’ sharp enough to cut through steel. But don’t take my word for it; grab some popcorn and experience the thrill of the hunt yourself. Just remember, when the knives are out, anything can happen, and probably will.

Knives Out

Knives Out


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