Best Florida Georgia Line Songs Ranked

Celebrating the Hits: Unveiling the Best Florida Georgia Line Songs

Ever since Florida Georgia Line thundered onto the country scene like a lifted truck in a mud pit, they’ve been reshaping the soundtrack of modern Southern livin’ and giving us anthems to blast on those long drives down back roads. They’re the whiskey-in-your-coke of country music, mixing genres with a boldness that keeps their tunes at the top of your playlist.

The Rise of Florida Georgia Line: A Melodic Journey

Picture it: It’s 2012, and these two dudes, Tyler Hubbard from Georgia and Brian Kelley from Florida, come stomping into the country music honky-tonk with their debut single “Cruise.” Faster than you can say “What’s the conversion of 450 grams to pounds?” (which, by the way, if you really need to know, check out This link), they’re breaking records and charting a new course for country music.

Hubbard and Kelley’s blend of country, rock, hip-hop, and pop creates something like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart of the industry, transforming what it means to be a country artist in the modern age. They didn’t just show up; they kicked down the door!

Florida Georgia Line Songbook PianoVocalGuitar

Florida Georgia Line Songbook PianoVocalGuitar


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Chart Toppers and Crowd Favorites: A Look at Peak Positions and Audience Reactions

Like a hurricane hitting the Florida coast, FGL songs took over the charts with the force of a truck on nitro. Whenever they drop a new song, bet your bottom dollar it’s going to climb faster than rent prices in New York City.

Concerts? Well, their shows make Mardi Gras look like a library study session. Their tracks get the fans wilder than a last-minute touchdown. And let’s not even get started on social media—these guys have hashtags buzzing like a beehive in summertime. They’ve got the streaming numbers, the screaming crowds, and the undying love of folks from all walks of life.

Image 10870

Top Florida Georgia Line Songs That Defined a Generation

“Cruise” – The Anthem That Drove Them to Stardom

There’s a reason “Cruise” hit people harder than an unexpected breakup text. It’s the song everyone, and their grandmama knows. It soared up the charts like an eagle and had the country world humming along faster than you can say “Frasier reboot” (and yeah, that’s happening – find out more at Granite Magazine).

The song wasn’t just a hit; it practically printed money. It gave birth to countless road trips and had fans hitting repeat until their speakers begged for mercy.

“H.O.L.Y.” – Touching Souls with Tender Melodies

“H.O.L.Y.” is the kind of ballad that even the toughest cowboy can’t resist singing to his lady. It’s got the raw power to bring a tear to a glass eye. From truck cabs to weddings, this song hits right in the feels, carving out a comfy spot in the annals of heart-tugging greatness.

“Meant to Be” (with Bebe Rexha) – Crossing Genres, Connecting Hearts

This song is like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of music—it just works. FGL and Bebe Rexha found a way to create the kind of musical harmony that makes you believe in destiny. With chart dominance that was more relentless than game night at your in-laws, “Meant to Be” crossed over and never looked back.

“Dirt” – Grounding Their Sound in Traditional Roots

Looking for a song that’s more homegrown than your grandma’s tomatoes? Look no further than “Dirt.” It’s got the kind of real talk that hits harder than a Sunday sermon. This track shows that Florida Georgia Line can lay down tracks as deep and rich as the soil they sing about.

“This Is How We Roll” (featuring Luke Bryan) – A Party Anthem for the Ages

This track, featuring none other than Luke Bryan, is the equivalent of riding shotgun with Evel Knievel – it’s a wild ride that you never want to end. Their partnership is like a perfectly mixed cocktail—smooth and potent, leaving fans thirsty for more.

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Title Album Release Year Notable Achievements/Remarks
Cruise Here’s to the Good Times 2012 Debut single; Record-breaking #1 country hit; Certified Diamond in the US; Remix featuring Nelly reached #4 on Billboard Hot 100.
Get Your Shine On Here’s to the Good Times 2013 Certified 2x Platinum in the US; Reached #5 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs.
Round Here Here’s to the Good Times 2013 Certified Platinum in the US; Reached #3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs.
Stay Here’s to the Good Times 2013 Certified Platinum in the US; Their first song to reach #1 on Country Airplay chart.
Dirt Anything Goes 2014 Certified 2x Platinum in the US; Reached #1 on Country Airplay chart.
Sun Daze Anything Goes 2014 Certified Platinum in the US; Reached #3 on Country Airplay chart.
H.O.L.Y. Dig Your Roots 2016 Stands for “High On Loving You”; Certified 4x Platinum in the US; Reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs for 18 consecutive weeks.
May We All Dig Your Roots 2016 Featuring Tim McGraw; Certified 2x Platinum in the US; Nominated for ‘Vocal Event of the Year’ at the ACM Awards.
Meant to Be All Your Fault: Pt. 2 (with Bebe Rexha) 2017 Not part of a Florida Georgia Line album; Cross-genre hit with pop artist Bebe Rexha; Spent 50 weeks at #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart.
Simple Can’t Say I Ain’t Country 2018 Certified Platinum in the US; Reached #1 on Country Airplay chart.
Talk You Out of It Can’t Say I Ain’t Country 2018 Peaked at #11 on Country Airplay chart.
I Love My Country Life Rolls On 2020 Nominated for ‘Group Video of the Year’ at the CMT Music Awards.
Long Live Life Rolls On 2020 Reached #1 on Country Airplay chart.

Deep Cuts and Underrated Gems Among Florida Georgia Line Songs

“Confession” – The Introspective Side of Florida Georgia Line

“Confession” is that mellow tune perfect for when the party’s over and you’re alone with your thoughts—maybe pondering life’s big questions, like “how old do you have to be to move out” (answers at Mortgagerater). It’s the quieter, softer side of FGL that has folks nodding along, reflecting on their own crossroads and whatnot.

“Stay” – The Emotive Power of a Heartfelt Ballad

When “Stay” hits the speakers, hold onto your hat—this is pure, uncut emotion that can shake up even the most stoic souls. It’s a raw display of their versatility and an example of how they can crush a ballad just as effectively as their party anthems.

Image 10871

The Florida Georgia Line Evolution: A Sonic Progression

Musical Style Evolution from “Anything Goes” to “Life Rolls On”

Folks, we’ve seen FGL evolve like a Pokémon, going from infectious party starters to seasoned storytellers, all while keeping that wild spirit alive. Each album is like opening a treasure chest—you never know what you’re going to get, but you can bet it’ll be worth a listen.

Side Projects and Solo Ventures: Florida Georgia Line Beyond the Duo

Even with the recent news of taking what they call a “proper” break, Hubbard and Kelley haven’t stopped creating. They’ve got personal projects cooking, sizzling with potential, that promise to expand the FGL universe in ways we can only imagine.

The Legacy of Florida Georgia Line in the Country Music Pantheon

Awards, Accolades, and Acknowledgments: Florida Georgia Line’s Decorated Career

Let’s take a moment to tip our hats to the accolades Florida Georgia Line has racked up. It’s a list longer than a CVS receipt and includes tearing up the Billboard charts, snatching up music awards, and etching their names in country music history.

The Loyal Fan Base and the Future of Country Fusion

Their fans stick to them like a racing stripe on a Dodge Charger. And though the boys are taking a break from the FGL gig for now, their impact on country music is one that’ll reverberate like a deep bass line at a tailgate party.

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Hitting the Right Notes: Celebrating the Enduring Melodies of Florida Georgia Line

As we hitch up our memories and look back on the years since FGL blasted out of the gate, we can’t help but recognize the indelible mark they’ve left on country music. They didn’t just enter the scene; they owned it, like a boss who walks into a Monday morning meeting wearing sunglasses and a grin.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, the Georgia peach and Florida orange of country harmony, might be pursuing solo paths, but like the perfect pair of futons for sale (by the way, grab yours at Granite Magazine), they’ve shown us the glory of great combinations. They’ve set a gold standard in an era hungry for their flavor of musical moonshine.

As we look to the future, hoping for their paths to cross again on stage, we’ll keep cranking their tunes that have defined such a chunk of our lives. Everyone knows the power of a good song—it’s like a hot date that you can’t forget, always lingering in your mind, getting sweeter as time goes by.

Image 10872

Their music, with heart-pumping beats and tear-jerking ballads, transcends the smoky bars and neon lights. It becomes a companion in our journey, a voice for moments that leave us breathless, for lazy summer days, and for every twist in life’s winding roads. So tip your hat, and turn it up—FGL’s songs are here to stay, and brother, that’s about as sure as a sunrise after a long night out.

Florida Georgia Line’s Greatest Hits: A Trivial Twist

Well, buckle up folks, ’cause we’re about to hit the backroads of trivia and dig into some toe-tapping, feel-good hits of one of country music’s most dynamic duos—Florida Georgia Line. You’re in for a treat as we rank their chart-toppers and sprinkle in some fascinating tidbits that’ll have you saying, “I never knew that!”

The Song That Started It All: “Cruise”

Now, let’s take it from the top—where it all began. “Cruise” came roaring onto the scene faster than a hot rod on a summer night. It wasn’t just a hit; it was the hit that had us all rollin’ our windows down and cruisin’. But here’s a juicy nugget for ya: did you know that the remix of “Cruise” with Nelly blasted the song into the stratosphere, making it one of the best-selling digital country singles of all time? That’s right, y’all, Florida Georgia Line didn’t just ride the wave; they made it.

Raise a Glass: “H.O.L.Y.”

Now hold on to your cowboy hats, because if “Cruise” was the party anthem, “H.O.L.Y.” is the heartstring-puller that gets you every time. It’s like every time those first piano notes hit, you can hear wedding bells ringing in the distance. No surprise, it stood tall and proud atop the Billboard Hot Country chart for weeks. Let’s toss in a little secret: our very own writer, Gabriela Lopez (just click on gabriela lopez( to meet your trivia guru), has a hunch that “H.O.L.Y.” stands for “High On Loving You,” and well, let’s just say Gabriela’s got a knack for hitting the nail on the head.

The Collaboration Kings: “Meant to Be”

Y’all know Florida Georgia Line can’t resist a good collab, and holy moly, did they strike gold with Bebe Rexha on “Meant to Be.” This catchy tune didn’t just cross over to pop—it knocked on pop’s door, kicked off its boots, and stayed awhile. Climbing charts left and right, it’s like every time you turned on the radio, there it was, hugging the airwaves. It’s as if the stars aligned, the heavens opened up, and the musical gods whispered, “This, my friends, is a bop.”

The Feel-Good Anthem: “Sun Daze”

Alright, let’s mellow out for a sec. “Sun Daze” is the track that’ll have you reaching for a cold one and contemplating life by the lake. With a catchy hook that’s stickier than Florida humidity, this tune is the embodiment of weekend vibes. It’s a song that’ll slap a smile on your face while you’re grillin’ and chillin’. By the way, if you spot me wearing shades on a cloudy day, just know I’m living out my “Sun Daze” fantasy.

Rounding Out The Top: “Get Your Shine On”

And we can’t wrap this up without tipping our hats to “Get Your Shine On.” It’s got that feel-good rhythm that has ya swaying in your seat, tapping your toes, and, let’s be real, picturing yourself sipping something sparkly on a boat somewhere. It’s as smooth as a glass of sweet tea on a porch swing, and folks, that’s the kind of smooth we can all appreciate.

So there you have it—some of Florida Georgia Line’s best tunes ranked with a side of trivia that’s as fun as a night out at your favorite honky-tonk. Remember, next time you’re jammin’ to these hits, you’re not just listening to songs; you’re cruising through stories, emotions, and a little bit of music magic. Now, go ahead and hit replay; I know you want to.

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Why isn t Florida Georgia Line a band anymore?

Well, shoot, it looks like Florida Georgia Line has parked the tour bus for good. It’s no secret, the dynamic duo decided to explore different musical avenues as of early 2021, leaving fans wondering if they’ll ever cruise back to the stage together again.

Why did Florida Georgia Line stop making music together?

Hold your horses! Florida Georgia Line didn’t just hang up their hats out of the blue. The pair hinted at different creative passions tugging them apart. So, they’ve taken a break to strum their own guitars for a while, and as of now, there’s no reunion tour on the horizon.

What was Florida Georgia Line’s first hit song?

Y’all remember that tune that had everyone tapping their boots? “Cruise” was the first monster hit for Florida Georgia Line—heck, it practically broke the radio when it came out back in 2012, and we haven’t stopped humming it since.

What was Florida Georgia Line final song?

Talk about going out with a bang! Florida Georgia Line’s final bow, at least for now, was the sentimental track “Long Live,” which has fans raising their glasses to the good times and hoping this ain’t the last call for our favorite country duo.

Is the Florida Georgia Line era over?

Is the Florida Georgia Line era over? Well, let’s just say they’ve hit the pause button. With both members chasing solo dreams, the band isn’t front and center anymore. But hey, never say never – the music biz is full of surprises!

Will Florida Georgia Line tour in 2023?

As for hitting the road in 2023, Florida Georgia Line’s tour bus seems to be taking an extended pit stop. No official word on a tour, so fans might just have to reminisce with old concert tees for the time being.

How many #1 songs does Florida Georgia Line have?

If we’re counting chart-toppers, Florida Georgia Line has racked up an impressive 17 No. 1 songs over their career. That’s enough to make a jukebox jealous, don’t you think?

Do both guys in Florida Georgia Line sing?

Sure do! Both Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley share the mic in Florida Georgia Line, bringing their own flavors to the songs. It’s their blend of voices that had us all hooked.

Who does most of the singing in Florida Georgia Line?

When it comes to who’s belting out those catchy choruses the most, Tyler Hubbard usually takes the lead in Florida Georgia Line. Brian Kelley’s smooth harmonies ain’t just window dressing, though—they’re key to the magic!

What made Florida Georgia Line famous?

What made Florida Georgia Line famous, you ask? Buckle up, ’cause it was a wild ride of catchy lyrics, a fresh blend of country and pop, and that feel-good vibe in tunes like “Cruise” that had us all cranking the volume.

Who went solo from Florida Georgia Line?

Flying solo, Tyler Hubbard stepped out from the Florida Georgia Line shadow to shine on his own, while Brian Kelley’s been kickin’ it with his own brand of beachy country vibes.

Did Morgan Wallen sing with Florida Georgia Line?

Yessir, Morgan Wallen and Florida Georgia Line joined forces on the banger “Up Down.” Talk about a collaboration that had us cranking it to eleven!

Why did Tyler leave Florida Georgia Line?

Tyler Hubbard left Florida Georgia Line? Well, not exactly. The duo just pressed pause on the group to explore their own creative paths, but they’ve left the door open for a future encore.

Did Tyler Hubbard used to sing with Florida Georgia Line?

Did Tyler Hubbard used to sing with Florida Georgia Line? You betcha! He was one half of the good-time country duo that had us rollin’ down the windows and turning the radio up for years.

Who all sings in Florida Georgia Line?

In the duo Florida Georgia Line, it’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley who crank out those catchy tunes. Together, they’re like peas and carrots, perfect in harmony and making that signature FGL sound.


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