Best About Time Movie Moments Ranked

The Heart of “About Time”: A Closer Look at the Movie’s Essence

Let’s lay it out on the line right from the get-go: “About Time” isn’t just a rom-com that’s gonna make you chuckle and tear up a tad. Oh no, fellas. It’s singular—a curveball in the rom-dram category that’s about way more than wrangling your way into a girl’s heart with a time-travel trick up your sleeve. Directed by Richard Curtis, the maestro who blessed us with “Love Actually,” “About Time” hands the ticket to young Tim, played by Domhnall Gleeson, whose family secret allows him to zigzag through his own timeline. This isn’t science on steroids; it’s a tender toe-dip into the lake of love, life, and the tears and cheers they bring. About Time stands out for making time travel a mirror reflecting life’s sweet and sour notes rather than a sci-fi spectacle.

Streaming on Netflix since November 11, 2022, the main focus of the film is love and family, weaving in time travel so seamlessly it becomes the backbone of beautifully orchestrated comic mishaps and heartfelt moments, rather than a distracting sideshow.

Top 10 “About Time” Movie Moments That Defined Timeless Love

About Time

About Time


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The Revelation of Time Travel

Boom – it kicks off with a game-changer: Tim’s padre lays down the incredible fam secret of time warping. The scene’s a significant slice because, hey – it kicks off our protagonist’s roller-coaster ride.

Image 20593

Tim’s Clumsy First Love Rendezvous

Oh, to be young and in love! This scene is the fish-out-of-water flounder, complete with the sweat beads and stammers. It’s golden because it’s as awkward as that first convo you had with your high-school crush – you know what I mean?

Meeting the Love of His Life

Then, happens the magic. The encounter with Mary, played by the mesmerizing Rachel McAdams, is nothing short of stellar. The true-to-life vibe and sparks flying between them screams relationship goals before hashtags were a thing.

The Goodbye to a Beloved Playwright

Tim meets Harry, a playwright who could sour milk with his attitude. The time-travel tweak that gifts his play a flawless first night? A cocktail of humor and pathos that has you rooting for Harry despite his grumps.

Crafting the Perfect Proposal

The proposal rigmarole is outright luxurious – who doesn’t dig a guy willing to rewind until he nails it? It’s hilarious, it’s moving, and frankly, it’s got the charm of the world’s priciest engagement diamond minus the price tag.

An Unforgettable Wedding in the Rain

Their wedding is the textbook example of Murphy’s Law, but who cares when you’ve got love, right? Despite the rain thrashing down, it’s supremely content and about as picturesque as seeing your stocks rise when the market’s plummeting.

The Time Travel Conundrum: Change versus Acceptance

Tim, our stand-up guy, hits a wall with his rewind powers – change the past or accept it? It turns the mirror on us as we consider our own “What ifs” and “If onlys,” wrapping a philosophical bow on the entire package.

The Art of Letting Go

Gripping stuff as Tim digests the hard truth that playing with time is playing with fire, especially when his sister, Kit Kat’s life, spirals. It’s about facing the music when life hands out notes you’d rather not sing.

Cherishing Every Moment with His Father

Here’s where you phone dear ol’ dad to say you love him, ’cause the time Tim and his pops share, packed with Ray Charles-level heart and soul, exposes the delicate dance of father-son dynamics and the cold, hard fact of mortality.

Tim’s Epiphany and Life’s Ultimate Lesson

And then, the drop-the-mic moment: Tim’s lightbulb moment gifts us a truth bomb – there’s zero point in a do-over if you’re not sucking the marrow out of each moment, to begin with.

**Aspect** **Detail**
Title About Time
Release Date Original theatrical release: September 4, 2013 Netflix streaming date: November 11, 2022
Director Richard Curtis
Main Cast Domhnall Gleeson (Tim Lake), Rachel McAdams (Mary), Bill Nighy (James Lake)
Genre Romantic Comedy, Fantasy, Drama
Plot Synopsis A young man discovers he can travel in time and uses it to try to improve his love life and cherish his family moments.
Theme Focuses on love, family, and making the most of one’s time rather than fantasy elements of time travel.
Time-Travel Mechanism Characters can travel back to moments within their own lifetimes by going into a dark space and clenching their fists.
Streaming Platforms Available on Netflix, ROW8, Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV
Price Subscription-based on Netflix, Prime Video, and Apple TV. Rental/purchase prices vary on ROW8 and Vudu.
Notable Features Poignant and emotional storytelling, humorous take on time-travel, strong performances by the cast.
Benefits Provides a heartwarming cinematic experience that emphasizes the value of living in the present and appreciating life’s ordinary moments.

Unwrapping the Emotional Depth in “About Time” Movie’s Narrative

Writing about About Time without tipping the hat to its emotional heft would be like skipping the gym for a month – a shameful act. This movie peels back the curtain on Tim’s life in a way that feels like you’re reading his diary. You’ve got the thumping highs of love, the wipeout lows of family tragedy, and the everything-in-between.

It resonates ’cause it’s you, me, all of us. We’ve had that “nail the moment” obsession, haven’t we? And that’s exactly why it nails our hearts to the wall, leaving us muttering, “That’s some real talk right there.”

About Time Love Actually Notting Hill Triple Pack [Blu ray]

About Time  Love Actually  Notting Hill   Triple Pack [Blu ray]


The “About Time Love Actually Notting Hill Triple Pack [Blu-ray]” is an essential collection for aficionados of British romantic comedies, bringing together three of the most cherished films in the genre onto high-definition Blu-ray. “Notting Hill” (1999) charms viewers with the unlikely love story between a famous American actress, played by Julia Roberts, and a humble British bookstore owner, portrayed by Hugh Grant, set against the picturesque backdrop of London’s Notting Hill neighborhood. “Love Actually” (2003), also featuring Hugh Grant, along with a stellar ensemble cast, delves into multiple interconnected tales of love leading up to Christmas, delivering both heartwarming and comedic moments.

“About Time” (2013) adds a unique twist to the romantic genre by incorporating a time-travel element, as the film’s protagonist, played by Domhnall Gleeson, discovers he can revisit and alter aspects of his past, seeking the perfect relationship with the woman he loves, played by Rachel McAdams. Each film in the collection has been digitally remastered, allowing viewers to enjoy the endearing characters and iconic scenes with enhanced picture quality, presenting a strikingly vivid experience unseen in their original releases. The Blu-ray package not only offers these timeless stories in the best possible format but also includes a host of special features, such as behind-the-scenes documentaries, director commentaries, and deleted scenes that provide fascinating insights into the filmmaking process.

Collectively, these films by director Richard Curtis have become a staple within the romantic comedy realm, known for their wit, warmth, and representation of love in various forms. The “About Time Love Actually Notting Hill Triple Pack [Blu-ray]” set promises to be a delightful addition to any movie lover’s collection, providing endless hours of laughter, tears, and heartwarming entertainment. Whether its for a cozy night in or a gift for someone special, this triple pack offers a delightful journey through loves complexities and the magical quirkiness of life’s unexpected romances.

Beyond the Screen: The Impact of “About Time” Movie on Real Lives

Ever since it dropped on October 30, 2023, About Time left footprints on hearts like no other. It’s the gentle nudge that says, “Hey bud, the clock’s ticking – make it count.” Whether it’s actually putting the phone down to chat up your partner or choosing to pass on overtime for a buddy’s impromptu gathering, this movie is the lifestyle medicine we’re all guilty of skipping a dose or two.

It shimmies past being a reel story and nestles into a warm, comfy spot in your real story. You know that line – live as if you’re dying tomorrow? Cue About Time‘s cue cards on making the ordinary extraordinary.

Image 20594

The Philosophy of Time in “About Time”: An Underappreciated Character

Thinking of time as just a clock ticking is like calling the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling a decent paint job. In About Time, time’s the unsung hero, the background extra that deserves an Oscar. It flings out existential questions like a philosophy prof on a caffeine high. It’s the forbidden fruit, tempting with its whispers of “what if you could…?” Yet, the movie, since its release, serves a slice of humble pie with its “big finale” anthem—embrace what’s unchangeable, cherish every drop of the now.

“About Time” in the Pantheon of Time Travel Films

Shelve it next to your wacky sci-fi faves, and About Time sticks out like an eloquently dressed gent at a pajama party. It doesn’t do time travel like the rest; it uses it to lay out a smorgasbord of the hearty stuff – laughter, tears, and einsteins of wisdom that cling to you tighter than your favorite well-worn leather jacket. It doesn’t need tricked-out DeLoreans or flashy quantum theory. It requires a heartbeat and a watch—both your own.

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Conclusion: Living Every Moment as if It’s Both the First and Last

Image 20595

As we wrap up our countdown of the most heart-punching About Time moments, let’s take a sec to digest the recipe for a savory life this movie dishes out. It’s a nudge, a wink, and a toast to the day-to-day we often glaze over. About Time is that vintage watch handed down from your granddad – a master class in making every tick count. Whether you’re living the high life, changing lanes on the career track, or just chilling with the latest lingerie Videos – here’s a cinematic wingman whispering that age-old, gold-dust advice: live now,cause in the end, like the best gone girl book twists or hearing Ray Charles croon, those are the moments that stick—the perfectly imperfect seconds that tick our stories forward.

Unforgettable Moments from the ‘About Time Movie’ That’ll Tug at Your Heartstrings

Prepare to take a walk down memory lane with the charming and poignant ‘About Time movie.’ A story that delves deep into the heart, this film is a rollercoaster of emotions that manages to strike a perfect chord between whimsical and profound.

When Tim Meets Mary

What’s not to love about the awkward and endearing moment when Tim, our time-traveling everyman, first locks eyes with Mary? It’s like the universe conspired to bring them together in a dimly lit restaurant. It reminds you of a blind date gone incredibly right. Oh, and that sweet stumble of words? Classic! But let’s not forget, before finding ‘The One,’ we all have had our share of wildflower Cases, unexpected encounters that are either hit or miss – and for Tim, meeting Mary was a total hit!

That Father-Son Beach Stroll

Hold onto your hats folks, or rather, grab your box of tissues. Tim’s relationship with his dad is the stuff of legends, the kind of bond every child yearns for. The beach scene? It’s a tearjerker with the power of an evermore Taylor swift ballad hurtling straight at your heart. Their casual father-son banter against the backdrop of rolling waves puts everything into perspective. If only we could all hit pause on those perfect, fleeting moments.

New Year’s Eve – A Second Chance

Ah, New Year’s Eve, the night full of promises, messy celebrations, and sometimes, a cringe-fest of epic proportions. For Tim, it’s a do-over, a golden ticket to right his wrongs. Where his initial foray into the night was like a scene straight out of the Ismael Cruz Córdova playbook — smooth but slightly miscued — the second go-round was pure magic. You know what they say, if at first, you don’t succeed; time travel your way to a flawless kiss!

The Legal Eagle Triumph

Isn’t it something how a courtroom can be as nerve-racking as accidentally stumbling upon the wisconsin volleyball team nude scandal? Tim’s quest to prove himself in the legal arena is a nail-biter, alright, but it’s also a testament to his growth. Gone is the timid bloke we met at the film’s start; in his place stands a confident, sharp-as-a-tack lawyer who’s absolutely killing it. Who said courtrooms couldn’t be venues for personal victories?

The Unseen Moments

Let’s chatter about those unseen moments sprinkled liberally throughout ‘About Time movie’ like the best kind of seasoning. Talk about leaving us curious enough to wish we could pull a Tim and rewind just to catch what was going on. Just like life, it’s the moments you don’t see that often hold the biggest surprises. And isn’t that just a hoot and a half?

Time Turned Friend

It’s not all about the do-overs; sometimes, it’s about letting things be. Our pal Tim learns the hard way that even with the power to turn back the clock, life has a rhythm of its own. Remember the time he lets that cringe-worthy play proceed without interference? It was rougher than a cob, but hey, not every moment needs fixing. Sometimes the pickle we’re in teaches us a thing or two.

Get ready to laugh, cry, and sigh as you relive these and many more moments from the ‘About Time movie.’ It’s a flick that’ll make you want to hug your loved ones tighter and maybe invest in a good timepiece because you know, just in case time travel becomes a thing.

About Time [Blu ray]

About Time [Blu ray]


“About Time” on Blu-ray is an enchanting romantic comedy that invites viewers to experience a heartwarming story of love and time travel. The film follows the journey of Tim Lake, who discovers he has the ability to travel in time and decides to use this extraordinary gift to improve his love life. As he navigates the complex world of relationships, Tim learns that even with the power to change his past, certain aspects of life remain achingly elusive.

This Blu-ray edition offers fans the optimum viewing experience with its high-definition picture quality and superior sound that brings the charming British landscapes and emotional nuances of the characters vividly to life. Special features include behind-the-scenes footage, director commentary by Richard Curtis, and deleted scenes that provide additional insight into the film’s creative process. The disc’s interactive menu also allows viewers to easily access their favorite scenes and explore the film in-depth.

In addition to the compelling storyline and visual clarity, owning “About Time” on Blu-ray ensures that fans can revisit the magic and warmth of this movie time and time again. The film’s exploration of life’s joys and sorrows, coupled with its delightful wit, makes it a perfect addition to any movie lover’s collection. With standout performances by Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, and Bill Nighy, “About Time” on Blu-ray is sure to become a treasured classic for romantic film enthusiasts.

Is movie About Time on Netflix?

Ahem, let me spill the beans: as of now, the time-travel romance “About Time” isn’t on Netflix’s lineup. But hey, keep your eyes peeled—it could pop up in time!

What is the point of About Time movie?

So, what’s the big idea behind “About Time”? Well, it’s like a warm blanket for the soul, telling us to cherish life’s sweet moments and the people we love. It’s not just about the time-bending; it’s about making every minute count.

Does the movie About Time have a happy ending?

Talk about a rollercoaster, right? But fear not! “About Time” wraps up with a heartfelt, satisfying ending that’ll have you hugging your loved ones extra tight.

Is About Time on any streaming service?

Curious if “About Time” is out there on the streaming universe? Yep, this gem often finds a home on popular platforms, so just fire up a search and you might hit the jackpot!

How do I see time on Netflix?

Oh boy, if you’re hunting down the “time” on Netflix, don’t get your wires crossed! Searching for “time” can drag you down a rabbit hole. Instead, nab your remote, type in “About Time,” and see if it’s ticking on their clock.

What is the movie called time on Netflix?

If you’re on a scavenger hunt for “Time” on Netflix, note that “Time” is a different flick. But if it’s the swoony, time-twisty love story you seek, “About Time” is the name to remember.

Are there inappropriate scenes in About Time?

Listen up, parentals and sensitive viewers! “About Time” does have a few spicy scenes that might make Granny clutch her pearls, but overall, it’s pretty tame on the raunch-o-meter.

Do Tim and Mary end up together?

Do Tim and Mary end up together? Spoiler alert! These two lovebirds stick it out through thick and thin—true love for the win!

Is the movie About Time sad?

Oh, you’re gonna need tissues! “About Time” has moments that’ll make your heart do somersaults—some happy tears, some sad. It’s a real emotional buffet.

What is the last line of the movie About Time?

The last line of “About Time,” you ask? It’s a secret sauce that cooks up the whole movie’s vibe. But where’s the fun in me spilling it? Watch and savor the flavor!

Where do they live in About Time?

In “About Time,” the family nestles down in a cozy, picturesque house in Cornwall, where the beaches are stunning and life moves slower than a Sunday morning.

How old is Rachel Adams?

Rachel McAdams, the star from “About Time,” is like a fine wine, getting better with age. She was born in 1978, so you do the math – no cheating with a calculator!

Why is About Time such a good movie?

“Why is ‘About Time’ such a good movie?” Well, slap my knee and call me Sally, it’s because it mixes love, laughs, and life lessons with a sprinkle of time-travel magic. It’s like comfort food for your heart.

Why is the movie About Time Rated R?

Rated R? “About Time” got slapped with that for some spicy language and sexy-time scenes—not too raunchy, but enough to make it a no-kids zone.

Who plays Tim’s dad in About Time?

Who’s the wizard playing Tim’s dad in “About Time”? That’d be Bill Nighy, who steals scenes like a charming, lovable art thief.


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