Trixie Mattel: 5 Ways She Reigns Supreme

When you hear the name Trixie Mattel, you’re probably thinking of a powerhouse brand, a hilariously candid personality, and, come on, those Barbie-on-acid looks that are hard to forget. What’s really wild is how Trixie has totally spun the drag scene on its stiletto heels and sashayed right into the hearts of fans across the spectrum. Let’s be real, guys: whether you spend your weekends polishing your luxury watches or posting gym selfies, there’s a lot you can take away from Mattel’s playbook. Yep, the queen is busy playing chess, not checkers. And here are five ways she’s absolutely crushing it.

The Reign of a Drag Superstar

In what first appeared to be a niche market, Trixie Mattel has transcended the world of drag to become a versatile and influential icon. Mattel’s blend of humor, music, and an astute business acumen has created a meteoric rise that few could have anticipated. As she continues to innovate and captivate audiences globally, we examine five facets of her career that have solidified her as drag royalty.

The Official Trixie and Katya Coloring Book

The Official Trixie and Katya Coloring Book


Unlock a world of vibrant color and fabulous fun with The Official Trixie and Katya Coloring Book. Dive into the dynamic universe of these iconic drag queens, brought to you in a collection of stunning illustrations ripe for your creative touch. Each page invites you to explore the flamboyant styles and hilarious adventures that Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova are known for. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or just discovering the whimsical world of drag, this coloring book promises an engaging and artistic escape.

With The Official Trixie and Katya Coloring Book, fans can connect with their favorite queens on a whole new level. The book is meticulously crafted with detailed designs that capture the essence of Trixie and Katya’s larger-than-life personas, including their most memorable outfits, iconic quotes, and the unique bond they share. The pages cater to all skill levels, ensuring that every fan can partake in the joy of bringing these illustrations to life. Plus, high-quality paper guarantees your colorful creations will look just as dazzling as the duo themselves.

Whether you’re looking to unwind with a touch of glitter and humor or seeking the perfect gift for a Trixie and Katya enthusiast, look no further. The Official Trixie and Katya Coloring Book is the ultimate collector’s item that invites you to be part of the artistry and comedy that has captivated audiences worldwide. Bust out your favorite coloring tools and prepare for an interactive experience filled with laughter, creativity, and a dash of fabulous. It’s time to show your true colors as you join Trixie and Katya on a journey through the pages of this must-have coloring book.

A Fresh Take on Drag Performance

Since Trixie Mattel waltzed onto the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” stage, she’s been doing the absolute most to redefine what drag performance can be. But kids, it ain’t just about the sequins and the sass. She’s taken her love for country music, chucked a little glitter on it, and voilà – she’s serving up performances that strut right outta the box.

Image 25553

All about the Aesthetic: Mattel’s Distinctive Look

Let’s break it down: the girl paints for the back row and serves looks that could stop a truck. From that signature beehive to the boldly contoured makeup, she’s crafted a look that’s louder than the last call at the bar. This is a queen that took the whole ‘paint by numbers’ thing, threw it out the window, and said, “Let’s turn up the volume.”

The Soundtrack of a Superstar: Trixie’s Musical Achievements

Can we talk music? Because Trixie’s got chops. With her guitar in hand, she’s strumming along to a rhythm all her own, serving hits with a side of yeehaw energy that make you want to cry into your beer—in the best possible way. Albums like “Barbara” are smash hits in the country-pop realm, proving this queen’s got the range, both vocally and literally.

**Aspect** **Details**
Full Drag Persona Trixie Mattel
Real Name Brian Michael Firkus
Key Achievements Winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” (2018)
Talents Drag performer, YouTuber, musician, makeup mogul, business owner, DJ
Music Career Country-pop artist with multiple albums; recognized for musical talent
Business Ventures Trixie Cosmetics, Trixie Motel
Media Appearances Internet shows, stage performances, merchandise deals, bestselling book
Associate Close friend and collaborator with fellow drag queen Katya Zamolodchikova
Speaking Fee Range: $50,000 – $100,000 per event
Location Based in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Media Impact Created a multi-million-dollar business empire post-“RuPaul’s Drag Race” success; notable for a distinct and marketable brand image
Community Influence Trixie has a wide-reaching influence, appealing to a broad audience combining drag with talents in music, beauty, and entertainment. Her diverse career choices and business acumen make her a role model for aspiring entertainers and entrepreneurs in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.
Relations Initially not close with Katya, their relationship evolved into a strong friendship and professional partnership, underlining a narrative of personal and collaborative growth within the drag community.

The Business of Being Trixie Mattel

Talk about a mogul, Trixie Mattel is spinning plates like it’s her day job – because, well, it kind of is. There’s a makeup line, there’s digital content, heck, there’s even a motel! If there’s a slice of the empire pie, you best believe she’s got a fork in it.

Conquering Cosmetics: Trixie Cosmetics

When Trixie launched Trixie Cosmetics, it was clear she wasn’t just playing dress-up. This was a cosmetic crusade. A parade of products decked out in the brightest packaging you ever saw. It’s makeup that makes a statement, singing, “be bold, be bright, be more Trixie!”

Digital Dominion: Trixie’s Online Ventures

Now onto the digital dojo. Trixie’s YouTube channel? A Trip. The web series “UNHhhh”? Comedy gold with Katya, who, despite rumors, has always been two peas in a pod with Trixie, even if they didn’t start off super tight. It’s content that’s as entertaining as it is savvy – a Crunchyroll activate for the soul.

The Blonde & Pink Albums

The Blonde & Pink Albums


The Blonde & Pink Albums is a dazzling music collection that represents a dual anthology of hits from an artist known for their versatility and emotional depth. The Blonde Album is a compilation of acoustic and soft-rock numbers, enveloping listeners in a warm, golden-hued auditory experience, characterized by delicate guitar strums, mellow piano melodies, and heartfelt lyrics. Channeling the vibes of a serene sunset, it offers a haven for those looking to escape into a cocoon of introspective and soothing tunes. It’s the perfect playlist for winding down after a long day, allowing the stress to ebb away with each gentle chord.

Conversely, The Pink Album offers a stark, vibrant contrast, bursting with high-energy pop and electric dance tracks designed to invigorate the spirit and inspire movement. With thumping bass lines, catchy hooks, and a fearless attitude, this record is the life of the party, meant to get listeners up and dancing into the early hours of the morning. It’s an album that celebrates self-expression, diversity, and the uninhibited joy that music can bring to any occasion. This collection is an anthem for those nights out when the only thing that matters is the pulsating rhythm of the beat.

Together, The Blonde & Pink Albums provide a comprehensive showcase of the artist’s dynamic range and ability to craft soundscapes for every mood and moment. The two albums juxtapose serenity with exuberance, presenting fans with a full spectrum of emotions encapsulated in one extraordinary musical package. Whether in need of comfort or craving celebration, listeners can choose their adventure, slipping seamlessly from the tranquility of The Blonde Album to the fiery pulse of The Pink Album. This collection is not just music; it’s an experience custom-tailored for the listener’s every mood, setting a new standard for personal soundtracks.

A Master of Media and Publishing

You might think a queen’s job is all wigs and wardrobe, but Trixie’s quill is as sharp as her contour. From bestsellers to breaking radio waves, this doll knows her media and publishing like the names For ninja Turtles.

From Screen to Print: Trixie’s Contributions to Literature

Her book, “Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood,” doesn’t just sit on your shelf; it struts. This isn’t just a funny read, it’s a life manual, packed with wisdom you didn’t even know you needed. Who said books can’t be as fabulous as feather boas?

Broadcasting Talent: Trixie on the Airwaves

Podcasts, radio, you name it, she’s on it. Mattel’s managed to take that charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent and broadcast it for all the world to hear. She’s making waves in a way that makes the gilded age season 2 look like yesterday’s news.

Image 25554

Cultivating a Fervent Fan Base

This section is simple: Trixie’s fans aren’t just followers; they’re die-hards. It’s like she’s got her own fan club… of presidents! So, how does she keep this love fest going? Buckle up, buddy; we’re diving in.

Engaging Through Empathy: Understanding the Fan Experience

Turns out, being relatable is Trixie’s ace. She’s not just at the top looking down; she’s right there with you, sharing stories that cut deeper than a swift shave. This gal’s empathic edge carves out a place in people’s hearts that’s permanent.

Trixie’s Toybox: Engaging Fans with Merchandise

Ever walked into a Trixie merch booth? It’s like an Aladdin’s cave if Aladdin loved sequins and sassy slogans. With everything from t-shirts to pins, it’s not just swag; it’s a slice of the Mattel universe for every fan to take home.

A Role Model for Aspiring Artists

Trixie Mattel is giving the world a masterclass in personal branding, and the classroom is packed. Want a how-to on building your empire? Look no further than this queen, who’s proving that lipstick can be just as powerful as a sword.

Trailblazing Paths: Trixie’s Influence on Newcomers

Mattel’s not just setting trends; she’s bulldozing the whole darn road for others to follow. She’s living proof that being your unique self – whether that’s a drag DJ or a cowboy diva – is not just cool, it’s bankable.

Lending a Helping Hand: Mattel’s Mentorship and Support

But Trixie’s not hogging the spotlight. She’s reaching down and pulling up new talent, showing that success is best when it’s shared. It’s a mentorship that’s as fabulous as her repertoire of wigs.

Trixie And Katya Coloring Book Drag Queen Coloring Books With + Beautiful Coloring Pages For Relaxation and Stress Relief

Trixie And Katya Coloring Book Drag Queen Coloring Books With + Beautiful Coloring Pages For Relaxation and Stress Relief


Delve into the fabulous world of drag with the enthralling Trixie and Katya Coloring Book, an iconic addition to any fan’s collection. This drag queen-themed coloring book features over 100 stunning pages, each one designed to celebrate the whimsical and bold artistry of two of the most beloved figures in contemporary drag culture. Each page presents a unique opportunity to create a personal piece of art, with beautifully detailed illustrations capturing the queens’ most memorable looks and moments. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the world of Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, this coloring book offers a captivating and interactive way to engage with drag queen culture.

Crafted with relaxation and stress relief in mind, this coloring book invites you to express your creativity and unwind as you fill the pages with color. The high-quality paper allows for a variety of mediums, including pens, pencils, and markers, without the worry of bleed-through, ensuring a pristine and enjoyable coloring experience. The expansive selection of images ranges from intricate, meditative patterns to playful scenes, providing an array of choices to suit every mood and skill level. With each coloring session, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of glitter, glamor, and artistic fulfillment.

The Trixie and Katya Coloring Book is perfect for anyone who loves the world of drag, cherishes artistic expression, or simply seeks a fun and relaxing way to de-stress. It makes a delightful gift for fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where Trixie and Katya first captured hearts, or for anyone who appreciates the transformative power of drag and its positive impact on self-expression and identity. So pick up your crayons, unleash your inner artist, and prepare to color your way through the extravagant and exuberant universe of two drag queen superstars.

Conclusion: The Enduring Legacy of Trixie Mattel

Image 25555

From tucking tape to the top of the charts, Trixie Mattel’s story is anything but drab. A small-town queen with a penchant for pink and a knack for plucking heartstrings is now an idol that aspiring artists and entrepreneurs gaze up to. She takes ‘jack-of-all-trades’ and adds stilettos, sequins, and a whole lot of sass. To any doubters, let’s be clear: In Trixie’s world, ‘can’t’ isn’t just a dirty word; it’s nonexistent. So watch and learn, fellows, watch and learn – because class is in session, and Professor Mattel is serving success on a silver platter.

Trixie Mattel: The Queen of Sass and Substance

Trixie Mattel has sashayed into the hearts of millions, proving time and again why she’s the queen bee of drag. Her iconic style, biting wit, and impressive versatility make her stand out in a crowd like she’s walking her own personal runway. Let’s spill the tea on how Trixie reigns supreme with some facts that are as fun as her repertoire of colorful wigs!

A Western Flair Like No Other

Sure, we all know that Trixie Mattel can beat a face to the gods, but did you know she’s got a little bit of a Western flair in her, too? Yeehaw, indeed! Just like a star from your favorite Taylor Sheridan movies and TV shows, Trixie knows how to work that country charm. So, don’t be surprised if someday she swaps her six-string for a lasso. Maybe she’ll even make a cameo in one of the epic Taylor Sheridan Shows we all binge-watch!

TV Time on Her Terms

You’d think someone as busy as Trixie Mattel doesn’t have time for TV, but girl, you’d be wrong! She’s all about picking out her favorite programs, and who knows, maybe she even peeks at the DEFY TV schedule to catch what’s fresh. It’s all about finding that perfect blend of fun and relaxation, so you can bet she ain’t missing her favorite show, hunty.

Beauty, Brains, and Business Acumen

Alright, alright, we all know Trixie’s mug is beat for the heavens, but keep in mind, she’s got the brains to back it up. She’s turning looks and stunting pretty while giving moguls a run for their money. Think of Trixie as the drag version of Paula Badosa dominating the court—she’s relentless, strategic, and, honey, she’s playing to win!

A Soundtrack That Serves Realness

Ever thought you’d be blasting country-pop beats from a drag superstar? Well, buckle up! Trixie’s tunes are as addictive as the drama in a Taylor Sheridan masterpiece. You can’t help but bop your head along as she strums her way through tales of love, life, and the pursuit of glitter. So, slap on some rhinestones, and let’s get two-steppin’!

Queen of Hearts and Charts

And let’s get one thing straight—well, as straight as a rainbow can get—Trixie Mattel isn’t just winning hearts; she’s climbing charts! This queen isn’t just playing in the background; she’s center stage, spotlight, and all. She’s got the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to make sure the world knows her name. And let’s not forget, she’s all about rising to the top, just as Taylor Sheridan takes on Hollywood.

So there you have it, folks! Trixie Mattel is not just a fabulous flash in the pan. She’s a full-on cultural phenomenon, turning the tides in music, TV, and even giving those bigshots in business something to talk about. Long live the queen!

Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood

Trixie and Katya's Guide to Modern Womanhood


“Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood” is an irreverent, comprehensive guide poking fun at the concept of womanhood as seen through the eyes of two of the most beloved drag queens from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Written by Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, this book offers a hilariously unique take on everything from beauty and fashion to relationships and career advice, all delivered with the pair’s signature wit and sarcasm. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the drag scene, Trixie and Katya’s insights provide a refreshing perspective on embracing one’s authenticity in today’s society.

Each chapter is infused with the duo’s personal experiences and outrageous humor, making this guide both an amusing read and a heartfelt journey through the ups and downs of contemporary life. From tales of disastrous dates to DIY beauty hacks, the lessons within these pages extend beyond gender lines and are universal in their appeal, encouraging readers to find confidence and laughter in the everyday. The book’s vibrant photography and illustrations complement the text perfectly, capturing the essence of Trixie and Katya’s larger-than-life personas.

Engaging and easy to dive into, “Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood” is not just a book, but a candid conversation with two queens who have managed to turn their quirks into celebrated art. It’s an ideal pick for anyone looking for a bit of comic relief or an unconventional take on personal growth. As a testament to living life boldly and with full self-acceptance, this guide stands out as an empowering and entertaining gem in a sea of self-help literature.

Why is Trixie so popular?

Why is Trixie so popular?
Well, gosh, Trixie Mattel’s a jack-of-all-trades with a knack for combining drag with, like, every talent under the sun—talk about a crowd-pleaser! She’s a YouTuber, makeup guru, musician, and business queen all rolled into one. Not just sticking to one gig, she’s got the Midas touch, as proven since snatching that “All Stars” crown. Her fanbase spans wide ’cause whether you’re into her catchy tunes or living for her beauty tips, there’s a slice of Trixie pie for everyone. And let’s face it, she’s just really, really good at what she does.

How does Trixie Mattel make money?

How does Trixie Mattel make money?
Cha-ching! Trixie Mattel’s cash flow comes from a dizzying array of gigs. She ain’t just any performer; she’s a drag YouTuber, a makeup mogul with Trixie Cosmetics, the queen of catchy country-pop, and even a motel owner – yup, diversification’s her middle name. With her fingers in so many pies, from internet shows to merch and stage performances, Trixie’s not just making a living, she’s constructing an empire! And let’s not forget, every time she strums that guitar or beats that face, the cash register sings.

How much does it cost to book Trixie Mattel?

How much does it cost to book Trixie Mattel?
Thinking of booking Trixie Mattel? Better start saving those pennies, ’cause this queen don’t come cheap! Pricing for this star’s appearances ranges from a cool $50,000 to $100,000—a pretty penny for sure, but hey, you’re paying for a top-tier talent who’ll jet from Los Angeles to wow your socks off. Whether it’s a swanky corporate event or a private performance, she’s the golden ticket that’ll set wallets ablaze!

Are Trixie and Katya really friends?

Are Trixie and Katya really friends?
Heck yeah, they are! Trixie and Katya might be today’s Thelma and Louise of drag, but it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. They’ve ridden a rollercoaster of a relationship, from competitors to the dynamic duo that has fans cackling with delight. Nowadays, they’re thick as thieves, spilling the tea and serving friendship goals left and right.

Does Trixie get a boyfriend?

Does Trixie get a boyfriend?
Oh, honey, if Trixie’s snagged a sweetheart, she’s keeping that card close to her chest. The love life of Ms. Mattel might be a titillating topic, but so far, there’s nary a whisper or a tweet spilling the beans. But, you know, when you’re building empires and belting ballads, who has time for romance, right?

Who are the most famous drag queens?

Who are the most famous drag queens?
Well, sugar, the drag universe is sparkling with stars, but some queens shine brighter than others. We’re talking trailblazers like RuPaul, the mother of modern drag; Bianca Del Rio, with her razor-sharp wit; and of course, Alyssa Edwards, queen of the tongue pop. These dolls have strutted from the runway to mainstream fame, earning spots in hearts and history books.

Did RuPaul ever have a wife?

Did RuPaul ever have a wife?
Nah, RuPaul didn’t take a walk down the aisle with a wife, but he’s been happily hitched to his partner, Georges LeBar, since 2017. The pair keep it on the down-low, but you know, behind every glamazon is a solid rock supporting their every strut.

Why is Trixie Mattel so rich?

Why is Trixie Mattel so rich?
So why’s Trixie Mattel swimming in dough? Picture this: a winning combo of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent that turned one queen into a veritable business tycoon. From Trixie Cosmetics flying off shelves to sell-out gigs and viral videos, she’s turning everything she touches into cold hard cash. And let’s not forget – she’s a top-notch musician to boot!

Who is the richest drag race star?

Who is the richest drag race star?
If we’re talking filthy rich and fabulous, RuPaul reigns supreme, with pockets deeper than his library of catchphrases. As the mastermind behind “Drag Race,” he’s built a drag empire for the ages, snagging Emmys and dolla billz along the way. Other queens might be nipping at his heels, but Mama Ru’s in a league of his own.

Who does Trixie Mattel live with?

Who does Trixie Mattel live with?
Oh, you nosy Nancy! As far as the grapevine knows, Trixie’s castle is a solo act – no roomies to speak of. With a life that’s one part glamour and two parts hustle, who wants to bet she’s got the whole pad to herself to unwind after a day of mogul moves?

How much did Trixie pay for Motel?

How much did Trixie pay for Motel?
Digging for deets, are we? Well, the price tag on the iconic Trixie Motel stays hush-hush. But considering the coin Trixie’s raking in, she probably didn’t have to break her piggy bank to transform that desert diamond in the rough. Whatever she paid, it’s clear she’s turned it into another goldmine!

Does Trixie own a motel?

Does Trixie own a motel?
You bet she does – and it’s as fabulous as she is! Daring to diversify, Trixie took a swan dive into the hospitality biz and came up with the Trixie Motel. It’s real, it’s pink, and it’s got her fans gagging to book a stay in the ultimate drag queen’s palace. Now, if that ain’t entrepreneurial spirit, I don’t know what is!

Why did Katya leave Trixie and Katya?

Why did Katya leave Trixie and Katya?
Oh, honey, that was a rough patch. Katya took a break from the spotlight for a hot minute to focus on her health, leaving Trixie to fly solo. But fear not! These besties bounced back stronger and nuttier than ever, turning their kooky chemistry into the stuff of legend.

Are Trixie and Kim Chi friends?

Are Trixie and Kim Chi friends?
Of course! Trixie and Kim Chi are pals, painting the town red in full breathtaking beat. They’ve shared stages, screens, and probably a whole lot of kiki-ing behind the scenes. Birds of a fabulous feather flock together, right?

Is Katya Zamolodchikova in love with Victor?

Is Katya Zamolodchikova in love with Victor?
Whoa, let’s not get our gossip wires crossed! While fans love to speculate on all the what-ifs, Katya’s affection for her BFF Trixie often gets played up for laughs. As for Victor, well, that’s one tea that’s not been spilled. Katya keeps her heart’s cards close to her sequined chest—publicly, at least.


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