5 Insane Thanksgiving Movies You Must See

The Quintessential Thanksgiving Movies Experience

Thanksgiving: a time for gratitude, gastronomy, and, you guessed it, great films that capture the essence of the season. But here at Granite Magazine, we’re flipping the script on the traditional holiday movie marathon. Forget the typical heartwarming fare; we’re dishing out a menu of Thanksgiving movies that’ll have you choking on your pumpkin pie with disbelief. We’ve dug up the cinematic turkeys and unsung heroes that make the ‘Thanksgiving movies’ genre an epic journey into madness.

These cinematic offerings showcase the evolution of Thanksgiving in film, depicting everything from family dysfunction to bizarre horror-comedy mashups. From the silent comedy majesty of “The Gold Rush” to the family fun of “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”, the cultural tapestry woven by these films is as rich and varied as the history of the holiday itself. And yeah, we’re setting the table with criteria like pure entertainment value, cultural impact, and the ability to leave your jaw firmly on the floor.

“ThanksKilling” – A Turkey-Revenge Film Like No Other

First up is “ThanksKilling”, a film that’s about as subtle as a chainsaw-wielding turkey. That’s right, the villain here is a vengeful bird with a taste for human flesh and one-liners dirtier than your uncle’s Thanksgiving jokes. This movie is so out-there, it’s become a cult classic—it’s like the How high cast of Thanksgiving movies, a madcap ensemble that you can’t help but gawk at.

Got a thing for off-kilter horror and slapstick gore? “ThanksKilling” is your kind of flick. Its legacy is as plump as a Thanksgiving turkey, capturing a niche that loves a serving of satire with their scares. The film tears into the horror-comedy genre like a famished dinner guest, leaving no trope unpecked.




Title: Thanksgiving – A Timeless Tradition of Gratitude and Gatherings

Thanksgiving is an annual holiday admired for its deep roots in history and its ability to bring together family and friends from near and far. It traditionally falls on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and symbolizes a day of giving thanks for the bounty of the harvest and blessings of the past year. The holiday is marked by a sumptuous feast, with a roasted turkey taking center stage, surrounded by an array of delectable side dishes such as stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Across the country, homes are filled with the warm aromas of spices and the joyful chatter of loved ones reuniting.

The origins of Thanksgiving trace back to the early 17th century when the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Native Americans shared an autumn harvest feast, acknowledged as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations. Since then, the day has evolved but continues to honor the spirit of community and shared prosperity, meshing diverse cultures and family traditions into a unique tapestry of celebrations. Educational and festive activities such as parades, particularly the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, contribute to the day’s merriment, showcasing floats, balloons, and performances. Thanksgiving also sparks the beginning of the holiday season, leading into Black Friday, and heralding a time of year-end festivities.

Moreover, Thanksgiving serves as a reflective pause in the hustle and bustle of modern life, reminding individuals to appreciate and give back to their communities. Various charitable events take place on Thanksgiving, such as food drives and community dinners, emphasizing the holiday’s themes of generosity and appreciation for others. The day often concludes with friends and family gathered in living rooms, sharing stories and indulging in an array of desserts while perhaps enjoying a football game. Whether celebrated through age-old traditions or newly created customs, Thanksgiving remains a cornerstone holiday that embodies the warmth of togetherness and the joy of expressing gratitude.

Title Genre Release Year Notable Cast Thanksgiving Connection
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Animation/Family 1973 Voices: Todd Barbee, Robin Kohn Centered on Thanksgiving; a holiday classic.
Garfield’s Thanksgiving Animation/Family 1989 Voices: Lorenzo Music, Gregg Berger Garfield celebrates Thanksgiving.
Free Birds Animation/Comedy 2013 Voices: Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson Turkeys go back in time to prevent Thanksgiving.
Home for the Holidays Comedy/Drama 1995 Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr. Dysfunctional family Thanksgiving reunion.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles Comedy 1987 Steve Martin, John Candy A man struggles to get home in time for Thanksgiving.
Son-in-Law Comedy 1993 Pauly Shore, Carla Gugino City boy spends Thanksgiving with a rural family.
Beethoven Comedy/Family 1992 Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt A family’s life is turned upside down by a St. Bernard.
Dutch Comedy/Drama 1991 Ed O’Neill, Ethan Embry A man tries to get his girlfriend’s son home for Thanksgiving.
The Wiz Musical/Fantasy 1978 Diana Ross, Michael Jackson Cult classic with thematic connections to the holiday.
The Gold Rush Silent Comedy 1925 Charlie Chaplin Silent film where the Tramp dreams of a big Thanksgiving meal.
The Thanksgiving Treasure Family/Drama 1973 Jason Robards, Lisa Lucas A sequel focused on Thanksgiving-related themes.
Sweet November Romance/Drama 2001 Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron Themes of gratitude and love fit the holiday season.
The Object of My Affection Romance/Comedy 1998 Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd Romantic plot points around Thanksgiving.
Little Women Drama 1994/2019 Susan Sarandon/Winona Ryder/Saoirse Ronan Themes of family, love, and gratitude.
Matilda Family/Comedy 1996 Mara Wilson, Danny DeVito Story of a young girl which underscores thankfulness.
Spider-Man Action 2002 Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst Iconic Thanksgiving scene with Peter Parker’s family.
Rocky Drama/Sports 1976 Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire Important scenes occur around Thanksgiving.
Fantastic Mr. Fox Animation/Adventure 2009 Voices: George Clooney, Meryl Streep Family and gathering themes resonate with Thanksgiving.
Addams Family Values Comedy 1993 Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia The film features a darkly humorous Thanksgiving play.

“Addams Family Values” – A Darkly Humorous Take on Thanksgiving

Who would have thought that Wednesday Addams would become the patron saint of Thanksgiving movies for the daring? “Addams Family Values” features a Thanksgiving play scene that makes your high school productions look like a snooze fest. The film celebrates the grotesque and the absurd in a way that’s as refreshing as a cold beer amidst a sea of mulled wine.

Underneath the veil of dark humor, the Addams clan dives into the holiday spirit with a morbid twist. It’s a side-splitting subversion of the postcard-perfect family gathering. Its Thanksgiving sequence has aged like a fine wine or, let’s say, platform Sneakers For Women – endlessly stylish in certain circles.

Image 18983

“Pieces of April” – The Dysfunctional Family Feast

In “Pieces of April”, we switch gears from maniacal poultry and kooky families to the indie charm of Katie Holmes trying to cook a Thanksgiving meal. This film serves up the raw reality of family—Bbrt, the emotional baggage train is leaving the station. It’s a sincere peek into the struggles of uniting a dysfunctional family, and Holmes delivers a performance that’s heartwarming and real, much like pulling a backpack With Wheels through a crowded airport—just feels human.

This cinematic slice of life during Thanksgiving digs deep into themes of reconciliation and the power of food to bring people together—even when everything goes hilariously awry. It’s a testament to the indie film spirit that captures the essence of the holiday without any sugar-coating.

“Son in Law” – Thanksgiving on the Farm with Pauly Shore

Rewind to ’90s nostalgia with “Son in Law”, where Pauly Shore’s weasel charm turns a farmstead Thanksgiving upside down. This fish-out-of-water tale delights in the same way finding an unexpectedly chic pair of Mulas in a thrift store does—it’s a surprisingly good fit. Shore brings his trademark wackiness to the holiday, offering a look at rural and urban personalities clashing faster than shoppers on Black Friday.

It’s comedy with a capital ‘C’, where the stuffing includes some unexpected Californian flair. Shore’s comedic touch is like a dash of unexpected spice in your holiday meal—bewildering, but oddly more-ish.

Thanksgiving DVD + Digital

Thanksgiving   DVD + Digital


Title: Thanksgiving DVD + Digital

Celebrate the warmth and joy of family gatherings with the “Thanksgiving DVD + Digital” set, a delightful package for holiday enthusiasts and those who cherish the spirit of this special occasion. This heartwarming collection brings to your home an array of Thanksgiving-themed movies and documentaries, beautifully capturing the essence of gratitude, togetherness, and the historical significance of America’s beloved holiday. The set includes timeless classics and modern favorites, all of which can be enjoyed by all ages, making it an essential addition for your family’s annual traditions. Moreover, with the versatility of both DVD and digital formats, these festive stories can accompany you whether you’re on the go with a digital player or cozying up in front of your DVD-equipped television.

The easy-to-navigate DVD menus allow viewers to select their desired film with convenience, while the digital downloads offer a seamless viewing experience across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With the digital access code included, you can easily expand your digital library and bring Thanksgiving cheer wherever you are. Whether it’s the humorous tales of family dinners gone awry or poignant reminders of historical events that shaped the holiday, each title on the “Thanksgiving DVD + Digital” set is selected to evoke laughter, reflection, and appreciation for the season.

In addition to the films themselves, the “Thanksgiving DVD + Digital” set comes with a buffet of bonus content, including behind-the-scenes features, interviews with directors and actors, and special Thanksgiving recipes to try out with your family. The collection makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones, or a perfect purchase to update your holiday entertainment options. The combination of traditional DVD format and convenient digital access ensures that no matter where you find yourself during the holidays, you won’t miss out on the festive cheer. So, gather your family and friends, pop some corn, and settle in for a marathon of Thanksgiving-themed tales that are sure to become a part of your holiday must-watch list.

“The Oath” – A Polarized Thanksgiving in Modern America

And then there’s “The Oath”, which sticks its fork into the juicy turkey that is America’s political divide. Imagine the dinner table as a battleground where the cranberry sauce is as bitter as the political discourse. Released in a America charged with tension, “The Oath” is top Movies in Theaters now material for those who like their Thanksgiving with a side of controversy.

Its satire bites harder than a hangry relative eying the last piece of pie. This film uses the Thanksgiving setting as less of a backdrop and more of a pressure cooker for family dynamics—proving, once again, that politics and turkey should probably be served separately.

Image 18984

Conclusion – Gathering Around the Silver Screen

So there you have it, gents—a feast of films that take the Thanksgiving movie and roast it over an open fire of insanity and originality. These five picks break the mold on what Thanksgiving on the silver screen looks like. They’re as essential to your holiday as the turkey—or tofurkey, we don’t judge—on your table.

These cinematic oddballs, from “ThanksKilling” to “The Oath”, offer a look at the holiday through a kaleidoscope of genre-bending madness. They remind us that Thanksgiving can transcend Norman Rockwell paintings and touch on themes that are as diverse as the American experience itself.

The Last Thanksgiving

The Last Thanksgiving


Title: The Last Thanksgiving

The Last Thanksgiving is an evocative novel that delves into the complexities of family dynamics, tradition, and the impermanence of life. Sweeping across generations, the story unfurls during an annual Thanksgiving gathering at the patriarch’s sprawling New England estate. In a narrative woven with anticipation and nostalgia, the characters brace themselves for an announcement that threatens to dismantle longstanding family rituals and relationships.

In the midst of the festivities and feasts, underlying tensions surface as members confront personal failures, unmet expectations, and buried secrets. Each sentence is meticulously crafted, allowing readers to taste the bittersweet moments of joy and sorrow that flavor the family’s possible final reunion. The author masterfully captures the essence of change and the poignancy of last times, leading to a denouement that is both heartrending and hopeful.

Rich in descriptive detail, The Last Thanksgiving is more than just a story about a family holidayit is an exploration of the human condition and the ties that bind us together. The reader is invited to savor the complexity of each character’s journey as they navigate love, loss, and the search for redemption. Ultimately, the novel is a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of time and the importance of cherishing each moment with the ones we love.

As we gear up for another round of feasting and family, why not give these off-kilter flicks a shot? They might just become as much a part of your tradition as passing out on the couch after too much pumpkin pie. And hey, let’s be thankful for the movies that dare to be different, much like the incredible people in our lives who make the holidays memorable. Here’s to Andy Muschietti-level creative twists and Charissa thompson-worthy smart takes on our beloved Turkey Day. Cheers!

The Quirky Side of Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving is not just about turkey and family gatherings; it’s a season that has been captured in film in the most extraordinary ways! Before you sink into that couch, get ready for a movie marathon that’s as stuffed with entertainment as your Thanksgiving bird will be with stuffing. Here are some trivia bites and fascinating facts about thanksgiving movies that you just can’t miss!

Image 18985

Pass the Popcorn and the Cranberry Sauce!

Who would have imagined that Thanksgiving could serve up a side of time loops with your mashed potatoes? Well, the movie Free Birds( will have you believe that turkeys are not only the centerpiece of the meal but also the heroes of history! Don your pilgrim hat and watch as our feathered friends attempt to take turkey off the menu for good. It’s an animated adventure that’ll make you gobble up every moment!

Family, Foul-Ups, and Fun

Ah, family get-togethers. They can swing from sweet to nuttier than Aunt Margie’s pecan pie real quick. That’s what makes Home for the Holidays( such a relatable ride. A single mom’s Thanksgiving spirals into chaos when the family’s quirks are served hotter than the gravy. It’s like watching your own family drama unfold but with the comfort of knowing you can switch it off after two hours.

Grateful for the Laughs

Talk about an underdog story, Planes, Trains and Automobiles( is the ultimate Thanksgiving travel nightmare turned cult classic. Sure, your flight got delayed, but did you ever find yourself in a burnt-out car, singing ‘Flintstones, meet the Flintstones’? This crazy journey gives ‘over the river and through the woods’ a whole new meaning, reminding us that it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the hilariously bumpy ride there.

An Unconventional Gobble-Fest

When you think Thanksgiving, ‘horror movie’ isn’t typically the dressing on the turkey. But ThanksKilling( tosses that traditional recipe out the window! Brace yourself for a wing-flapping, fowl-mouthed turkey with a taste for revenge. It’s outrageous, it’s ridiculous, and it’ll have you thankful for your comparatively normal Thanksgiving dinner.

A Slice of Life Pie

Lastly, let’s mellow things out with a drizzle of indie spirit. Pieces of April( serves up a Thanksgiving dramedy that’s as heartwarming as apple pie. Follow April as she attempts to host a Thanksgiving dinner for her estranged family in her cramped New York City apartment. It’s a film that proves that, even with burnt birds and broken ovens, the holiday is about who’s at the table, not what’s on it.

Isn’t it nuts how Thanksgiving flicks can range from sweet and savory to downright bizarre giblets? So, pull up a chair, grab your remote and let yourself be whisked away by these thanksgiving movies that are a true cornucopia of entertainment. Just remember, watching these won’t burn calories from the feast, but it’ll sure make you appreciate the less loony aspects of your family festivities!

The Thanksgiving Movie

The Thanksgiving Movie


Title: The Thanksgiving Movie

The Thanksgiving Movie is an enchanting animated feature that captures the warmth and camaraderie of the holiday season. Aimed at audiences of all ages, it showcases a vivid tapestry of autumn hues, following the adventures of the lively Turkey family as they prepare for the grandest Thanksgiving feast their quaint woodland town has ever seen. Each character, from the wise Grandma Baste to the young, spirited Stuffing, brings a unique flavor to the table, overcoming hilarious obstacles and learning the value of togetherness along the way.

Amidst the laughter and heartwarming moments, the film delicately weaves in historical elements, bringing a touch of educational content as it explores the roots of Thanksgiving traditions. Children and parents alike will be captivated by the soundtrack, which includes both original songs that embody the spirit of Thanksgiving and classic holiday tunes with a whimsical twist. The detailed animation pays homage to classic family movies while incorporating contemporary techniques that make the characters and their environment pop off the screen.

The Thanksgiving Movie is not just a film; it’s a festive experience that encourages viewers to reflect on the things that truly matter. A perfect holiday treat, the movie has just the right recipe of humor, history, and heart, ensuring it becomes a perennial favorite to be enjoyed with a cozy blanket and a slice of pumpkin pie. As the credits roll, families will find themselves infused with the Thanksgiving spirit, ready to create their own memorable moments around the dinner table.

Is there any good Thanksgiving movies?

Oh, you betcha there are some Thanksgiving gems out there! For a heartfelt laugh around the dinner table, you can’t go wrong with “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” where everything that could go wrong, does. And don’t forget “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” which is basically a holiday staple!

Are there any movies centered around Thanksgiving?

Now, if you’re on the hunt for movies with a Thanksgiving vibe, look no further than “Home for the Holidays” and “The Big Chill.” These flicks dive straight into the messy, joyous, and sometimes nutty side of family gatherings, dishing out a hefty helping of nostalgia and turkey-day turmoil.

Are there any family Thanksgiving movies?

When it comes to flicks the whole family can gobble up, check out “Free Birds.” It’s a zany animated tale where turkeys time-travel to get themselves off the Thanksgiving menu. Talk about a wild bird chase!

What movies will be in theaters Thanksgiving 2023?

Hold your horses, movie buffs! We’re still waiting on the edge of our cinema seats for the hot list of what’s hitting theaters Thanksgiving 2023. Keep an ear to the ground because those announcements usually drop faster than Aunt Linda’s famous pumpkin pie!

What is the new movie Thanksgiving 2023?

Well smack my head and call me silly, the details on the new Thanksgiving movie for 2023 are about as clear as Grandma’s cranberry sauce recipe. But keep your eyes peeled—as soon as Hollywood spills the beans, we’ll be gobbling up every juicy tidbit!

Which movie has the biggest opening on Thanksgiving?

If we’re talking turkey about the biggest Thanksgiving opening, “Frozen II” iced the competition with a cool $123.7 million. Boy, did it leave audiences spellbound over the holiday weekend!

What do Americans traditionally watch on Thanksgiving?

Come Thanksgiving, many Americans park themselves on the couch to watch the big three: the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, some fierce NFL action, and as the day winds down, they might flick on a holiday classic like “Miracle on 34th Street” to get into the festive spirit.

What movie is 1st Thanksgiving?

Regarding the movie that started it all, “1st Thanksgiving,” well, it might not exist! The first Thanksgiving dates back hundreds of years, and movies are just over a century old, so that’s a historical mashup we’re still waiting on.

Is Thanksgiving on hbo max?

Heads up, streamers! Last I checked, Thanksgiving titles on HBO Max were as rare as a well-done turkey, but that could change faster than your Uncle Pete’s mood after his team loses. Keep checking their library for any savory additions!

What is the 30 minute Thanksgiving movie?

Ah, the quick feast of films— “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is your go-to 30-minute Thanksgiving movie. It’s like a quick snack before the big meal—always satisfying and never too much!

Is Thanksgiving movie on Netflix?

On the prowl for a Thanksgiving flick on Netflix? While they might not have a turkey-themed section, you can hunt down gems like “The Thanksgiving House” around holiday time for a cozy night in.

What is the kid movie about turkeys?

Kids and turkeys, you say? “Free Birds” is the animated adventure where our feathered friends get more than they bargained for on a mission to change history. It’s got more hijinks than a cousin hide-and-seek match!

What movies are coming out Thanksgiving week?

The list of movies making their debut Thanksgiving week is as secret as your aunt’s pie recipe until closer to the date. Once November rolls around, movie studios start serving up previews, so stay tuned!

What is the new Disney movie coming out at Thanksgiving?

Hey there, Disney fans! The new Disney movie scheduled for Thanksgiving release tends to be under wraps until the leaves start changing. But history tells us to expect something magical, enchanting, and perfect for a family outing!

What kids movie is coming out in november 2023?

For the kiddos looking forward to November 2023, details are sketchy like a chalkboard before class. But worry not! Whether it’s animated antics or superhero thrills, something’s sure to pop up, making the holiday season sparkle.

Why don t they make Thanksgiving movies?

Why don’t they make Thanksgiving movies, you ask? Well, Hollywood’s more stuffed with Christmas cheer than a turkey with fixings. But hey, don’t lose hope! Maybe they’ll carve out more space for turkey day tales in the future.

Where can I watch the new Thanksgiving movie?

Looking to catch the new Thanksgiving movie? If it’s out there, it’ll likely be anywhere from your local movie theaters to streaming services. Just keep your peepers peeled, and once it drops, you’ll find it faster than a lost drumstick under the table!

What do Americans watch during Thanksgiving?

During Thanksgiving, it’s all about the three Fs: family, food, and football. Americans love tuning in to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, followed by NFL games. And, come evening, it’s time for movies that get ’em all in the feels.

Is The fantastic mr fox a thanksgiving movie?

“The Fantastic Mr. Fox” isn’t exactly a Thanksgiving movie, but its autumnal vibe and talk of feasting fit right in with the holiday. Plus, who wouldn’t want to give thanks for a clever fox and a heist that keeps ya glued to the screen?


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