Target My Time: 10 Best Ways to Power Up Your Routine

Hello, gents! If you’re like the modern alpha males we cater to here at GraniteMagazine, you’re undoubtedly chasing success day in, day out.

The game has changed, and time is now the most luscious luxury. Let’s get you acquainted with how to “target my time” and live a life of efficiency and excitement.

1. Embrace the Athletic Republic

Fellas, first stop to managing your time is to get that blood pumping! We’re not talking about turning into meatheads here, but rather joining the Athletic Republic.

Imagine honing your physical prowess, enjoying camaraderie with like-minded gents, and reaping the health benefits amidst it all – all that within a scheduled hour or two. Your time target, gentlemen, should include a dash of sweat and grit!

2. Say Hello to Hodinkee

A man may be judged by his shoes, but check out his wrist, and you’ll know his substance. Hodinkee is where you should be ticking off time – in style, sophistication, and a bit of swagger.

Whether you’re sporting a royal oak watch, or a vintage zodiac watch, punctuality plus panache leads to peak productivity.


3. Flight Club: More Than Just Legit

Hey, is Flight Club legit? We say, it’s beyond legit. It’s the epitome of edgy. It’s whimsically stylish. It’s where you must spend some quality ‘target my time’ on.

Collecting sneakers isn’t just a hobby; it’s making statement. Every limited-edition piece you score is a notch on your belt of connoisseurship.

4. Getting Meaty At Meatheads

Time spent savoring steak at Meatheads isn’t time wasted. It’s time well seasoned, well charred, and well, well enjoyed.

Scroll through your ‘target my time’ schedules, and you’d better see some footnotes involving sizzling T-bone and full-bodied bourbon. To conquer the world, one needs to eat like a king – minus the food coma, of course.

5. Metrograph Magic

Gentlemen, the Metrograph isn’t just a cinema. It’s an experience for the refined taste – one you must pour into your time-targeting schedules.

For those moments when you seek some highbrow downtime, we suggest taking the “4 train stops” route and soaking in the beauty of classic and indie cinema.

6. Keep Up With The ‘Target My Time’ App

Getting tech-savvy is no longer optional, guys. The ‘Target My Time’ app is the new must-have for managing your schedule effortlessly.

Just visit the official website of Target Ehr. Sign in and gain access to a slew of benefits, such as paystubs, viewing schedules, and more – all right at your fingertips.


7. Broadway Calls with Matilda

Work, fun, and culture – the holy trinity of urban living. And nothing screams culture better than watching the incredible cast of Matilda the Musical.

With catchy tunes that linger and performances to enthral, spending ‘target my time’ at the theatre soothes the soul without forgetting to tickle the fancy.

8. Avatar 2: A Worthwhile Escape

Okay guys, if you’re scratching your heads, thinking, “Where can I watch Avatar 2?” – the answer’s right on the ‘Target My Time’ app.

Block out some ring-fenced hours in your schedule to lose yourself in the fantastical world of Pandora. An exemplary mix of relaxation and entertainment – that’s time well spent.

9. Hitting Bullseye With Target MyTime

Who knew work could be a focal point in targeting your time? The ‘Target MyTime’ application is designed for team members to view and update their schedules with ease.

Get the ‘myTime for Target’ downloaded on your Android device and effortlessly manage your work-life balance.


10. Light, Camera, Target Time!

Lastly, gents, remember – joy resides in the journey, not just the destination. Target your time, but don’t forget to savour the ride. As we say here at Granite, “Carpe Diem!”

Seize the day, seize the moment, seize the now – make every ticking second county, gents!

When it comes to ‘target my time,’ it’s not just about the numbers on the clock, but also the experiences you clock in. Hop on the ride and let’s power up your routine!


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