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New Balance 550: 5 Insane Reasons It’s The Best Sneaker of 2021!

I. The Resurgence of the New Balance 550

A. An Overview of the Shoe’s History

The New Balance 550 opens a chapter of nostalgia, taking us back to its debut in 1989. As a staple on basketball courts from coast to coast, this baby had some serious drool factor. Then, like a comet, it made a quick exit, leaving us yearning. However, the sneaker world rejoiced as sparks flew with its limited-edition return in late 2020. Finally, in 2021, the 550 cemented its iconic status in sneaker culture with a grand comeback and a permanent spot in the line-up. Not just reappearing, but completely dominating.

B. Spotlight on Sneaker Culture

You’re probably asking yourself how the New Balance 550 climbed its way to the top. Well, it’s all about street style and culture, baby. The NB 550 broke onto the scene in a big way, turning heads and earning the title of best sneaker of 2021 not even halfway through the year!

II. A Heart-Stopping Nostalgia – The New Balance 550’s Design

A. Aesthetic Appeal and Retro Style

Step back in time with the retro design that sets the New Balance 550 apart from its competitors. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, this shoe is comparable to timeless creations like Nike Killshot 2. With its sleek lines and bold colors, it’s a refreshing antidote to the contemporary, over-designed sneakers that are slightly reminiscent of moon boots and alien footwear. And dare I say, it’s a sight for sore eyes.

B. Special Editions Add to the Mirage

Adding to the allure, we’ve got Rich Paul’s heart-throbbing collaboration, “Forever Yours,” set to release globally. These sweet kicks ooze passion and individuality and are guaranteed to put some pep in your step. These new kids on the block elevate the New Balance 550 from a fashion favorite to a true cultural icon.


III. Why are New Balance 550 so Hard to Get?

A. Surging Demand and Rarity

Let’s shoot straight: the New Balance 550 isn’t just a shoe; it’s a statement. With its skyrocketing demand, staggered releases, and soaring aftermarket price, getting your hands on a pair is a bit like winning the lottery. It’s this same popularity combined with their rarity that makes them more valuable than pirate’s treasure on the aftermarket.

B. A Staple in Modern Streetwear

This ain’t your average sneaker fellas! The New Balance 550 is a true streetwear trendsetter. It can easily be found on the feet of influential individuals and celebrities, stamping its influence on modern streetwear culture, much like the trailblazers you’ll find sporting Nike Acg boots.

IV. Unisex Style Icon: Is New Balance 550 only for Men?

A. Breaking Disparities: 550 for All

It’s time to clarify guys and gals! Owning a pair of New Balance 550s isn’t a ‘bro thing.’ Women, men, even kids are lacing up and reveling in the classic comfort brought by the 550. Much like unisex icons like the New Balance 57/40 or Nike Air Max 97, these shoes have a universal appeal that transcends gender norms.

B. Versatile Style for Various Genders

The New Balance 550 can blend with anyone’s fashion sense – whether it’s street style, athleisure, or even high-fashion ensembles. Dress it up or dress it down, these kicks are as stylishly versatile as they come.


V. Price Tag: How Much is the New Balance 550 Going to Cost?

A. Retailing Rich Paul’s “Forever Yours”

Say goodbye to breaking the bank with the New Balance 550. These iconic shoes retail at $130 for the Rich Paul’s “Forever Yours” collaboration. Sure, it may commonly be seen alongside luxury brands but compared to other high-end streetwear styles, it’s a bargain!

B. The Aftermarket Pricing Factor

Well, here’s the catch. The rising demand for these chic sneaker gods may drift the price in the aftermarket. But let’s be honest, we’ve seen this before. And some things are just worth the cost, right?

VI. The Archive-Awakening: Did they Stop Making New Balance 550?

A. The Return of 550 in Full Glory

After being tucked away in the archives, the 550 made a grand resurrection in 2020 and has been a staple ever since. With periodic iterations and collaborations, they’ve surely made a mark in the sneaker world. The New Balance 550 is here to stay, so buckle up, folks!

VII. Unparalleled Comfort for the Grind – NB 550 Experience

A. Beyond Aesthetics

The New Balance 550 is about more than just looking good. You might think this stunner is all about the aesthetics, but these babies deliver when it comes to functionality. Lace up, grind hard, and enjoy the enhanced design for an upgraded shoe collection.


VIII. The Reigning Champion: New Balance 550 Is The Best Sneaker of 2021

A. Standout Reasons for the New Balance 550’s Success

So, why the New Balance 550 has the crown for 2021’s top sneaker? Well, it’s not just about the looks, mate. It’s the exhilarating blend of exclusivity, its cultural relevance, the cross-gender appeal, and that reasonable price tag. Collectively, they mark New Balance 550 as an unbeatable contender.

B. Going Forward

Don’t put those credit cards away just yet. Moving past 2021, the allure of the New Balance 550 isn’t fading anytime soon. We predict these kicks will secure their place in the sneaker hall of fame, being a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. Although Andrew Tate might have a critical view of expensive things (like his take on women, as outlined here), no one can resist the New Balance 550 craze. Be it fighting off Tyrannosaurus Rex like Luffy Gear 5 from One Piece or sporting them casually, these kicks are here to leave a legacy!

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