Movado Watch Men: Top 7 Jaw-Dropping Designs for 2021!

When we say luxury you might be thinking, “Eh, same old gilded tickers at exorbitant prices, right?” But what if we told you that it’s time to give your wrist some allure without breaking the bank? Brace yourselves, boys, as we introduce the captivating magic that’s Movado watch men! It’s a unique blend of affordability, design, and quality that’s got jaws dropping and wrists sparkling around the world.

So, what’s the shtick with Movado? Contrary to the silver spoon attached image that most luxury watches exude, Movado stands out in the industry by manifesting the substance under style. It paints a different picture, one that portrays luxury as accessible, without compromising on design or quality. So, you get all the perks of a high-end watch, priced just right!

The Allure of Accessible Luxury: Movado’s Market Standing

Hang on tight as we sweep you off into the Swingin’ Sixties vibe that Movado embodies. With other big boys in the block like the Seiko Tank, you might be wondering where Movado stakes its claim. Aye, there’s the catch! Its primary competition lies in the “accessible luxury” segment. Movado doesn’t necessarily joust with the ultra-high-end giants in terms of complexity or price. Yet, it’s got its game face on, presenting a unique blend of affordability and quality that truly turns heads.

Movado Men’s 3600373 Analog Display Swiss Quartz Gold Watch


Most Movado watches dance within the $500 to $2,500 price range. Sure, there might not be any navy seal Movies showcasing these beauties, but hey, isn’t it a thing of joy when you can own a piece of luxury without having to make Gabriel Emily in Paris your BFF? So yes, Movado is indeed an expensive brand, but one that believes in fair play, balancing cost against quality, allowing you to parade that stylish ticker without making a Titanic-sized dent in your wallet.


Movado Watch Men: Presenting the Top 7 Designs for 2021

If you’re on the lookout for the pick of the bunch, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 7 Movado watch designs for 2021, each one with outstanding features and a distinct personality.

Top Pick

Movado Bold 3600570 Grey Dial Green Leather Band Men’s Watch


Featuring a Green Band, Grey Ion-plated Case, Scratch Resistant K1 Mineral Crystal

Movado Bold: In true Logan Lerman movie style, this bad boy sports a resilient, powder-coated M+ (Movado plus) case, paired with an orange and black integrated silicone strap for that daring edge.

Movado Trend Bold Evolution Two Tone Grey Sun Ray Dial Grey & Bronze Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Band Women’s Watch


Movado Museum Classic: In a black dial with a solo dot at 12, symbolizing the sun at high noon, it’s art and time bundled up in sophistication.


Movado Heritage Series Calendoplan: This piece evokes the nostalgia of an old Nick Kroll movie while offering a fresh, sleek design.


Movado Connect 2.0: Dreaming of a smartwatch with marvelous swish? This is Movado dipped in the latest tech, offering features like heart rate monitoring, mobile payments, and Google Fit.


Movado TC Ultra Slim: Here’s an ultra-thin delight, with a sapphire crystal dial and a stainless steel bracelet, that makes Rip Wheeler‘s masculine charm pale.


Movado SE Pilot: Want to feel like a pilot without having to enlist in the navy seal movies? This is your ticket to cool!


Portico: Evoking timeless elegance, silver tone hands on a blue dial, it masters the art of suit-up times!

Movado Bold Evolution Men’s Swiss Qtz Stainless Steel and Leather Strap Casual Watch, Color: Blue (Model: 3600583)


Tracing Movado’s Swiss Roots

The journey of this Swiss heartthrob began in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1881, under the moniker LAI Ditescheim & Freres SA. But it was only in 1905 when the name “Movado” – meaning “always in motion” in Esperanto – came into the limelight. Time spun its spell, and in 1983, the Movado was acquired by a corporation. So, answering the question, “What country made Movado?” – It’s Switzerland, the land where time sways to rhythm, that has fathered this contemporary marvel.


The Luxury Debate: Is Movado a true luxury watch?

Now, this is something akin to an eternity debate. What’s in a name – or in this case, a timepiece? Definitions of luxury can be as varied as a celebrity movie archive – palatial and royal, or chic and minimalistic. Therefore, where Movado stands in this spectrum of luxury pretty much depends on how luxury strikes a chord within you.

Movado Bold Fusion Men’s Quartz Stainless Steel and Silicone Strap Casual Watch, Color: Blue (Model: 3600713)


In terms of its price range, innovative design, near-premium quality, and Swiss heritage, Movado certainly wears the tag of luxury. It’s like a wild, sophisticated party where style, affordability, and quality are the favorite guests!

Movado Watches: Comparing the Competition

Welcome to the colossal timepiece clash, featuring contestants like Rolex, Bulova Corporation, Swatch Group, Richemont, and Longines. And trust us, it’s no Sunday league match – it’s a gigantic arena where Movado has carved out an impressive niche.

Looking at similarities like Swiss-heritage and luxury branding, one might automatically pair Movado with Rolex or Longines. Yet, when it comes to the price band, it mingles more with the likes of Bulova. Between the extremes of the affordable Swatch group, the premium Richemont’s watch brands lies the sweet spot where Movado basks.

Responding to the Sheakespearen question of “What is comparable to Movado?”, it’s a mixed bag. Movado’s counterparts lie scattered over the luxury end and the premium front, owing to its unique blend.


Timeless Affordability: How Movado Strikes the Balance in Luxury Watches

Weaving the grand finale of our time-tale, Movado sets a standard of its own! With graceful designs that boast innovation, coupled with a rightly balanced price tag, Movado certainly becomes a time-keeper of choice for the modern, ambitious man.

Reiterating Movado’s stance in the luxury watch market, undoubtedly, it fits the bill for those seeking substance, sophistication, and ‘aces’ in affordability! The Movado man isn’t just high-grade wrist candy—it’s a statement on the wrist of every gent who knows the importance of time and style. And buddy, that class tangoing with affordability is nothing short of a beautiful bargain!


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