Best Blumhouse Movies: 5 Terrifying Hits

When you whisper the word “Blumhouse,” you conjure up the shivering sensation of spine-tingling terror, the kind that makes your sleek designer suit feel like a flimsy shield against the supernatural. Blumhouse Productions has been crafting the kind of chillers that make even the toughest among us check under the bed at night. And folks, if you’re into horror the way we’re into a bottle of the finest scotch, you’ve struck gold. So, gentlemen, buckle up and let your confidence stride into the dark alleys of Blumhouse movies.

The Rise of Blumhouse Productions in the Horror Genre

Jason Blum, the mastermind behind Blumhouse Productions, hit the ground running in 2000, smack in the midst of the City of Angels — Los Angeles, California. What started as a dream in Tinseltown turned into a game-changing approach to spine-chilling cinematics. More than just a company, Blumhouse is a haunted mansion with endless corridors of chilling tales.

But don’t get it twisted — these guys aren’t throwing wads of cash into a bonfire and hoping for a box office burn. Nah, they’re all about that lean, mean, profit-making machine, running a unique model that focuses on micro-budgets for max returns — think quality over quantity, with a solid punch of fear.

This filmmaking approach did more than just rake in the dough; it took the horror genre by the scruff of the neck and gave it a good shake. They’ve turned screams and nightmares into a sort of cultural currency, vaulting the status of horror from creepy side-show to blockbuster main event.

Blumhouse ovie Horror Collection (The Veil Mercy Visions Mockingbird) [DVD]

Blumhouse ovie Horror Collection (The Veil  Mercy  Visions  Mockingbird) [DVD]


Immerse yourself in the chilling embrace of the Blumhouse Movie Horror Collection, a terrifying anthology of cinematic nightmares that showcases four uniquely haunting filmsThe Veil, Mercy, Visions, and Mockingbirdall in one gripping DVD set. This collection is a testament to Blumhouse Productions’ signature blend of psychological thrills, supernatural chills, and unpredictable twists that has set a new benchmark in the horror genre. Fans will not only find themselves gripped by the terrifying tales but also by the atmospheric cinematography and compelling performances that are characteristic of Blumhouse’s critically acclaimed style.

The Veil leads the collection with a story set thirty years after a religious cult commits mass suicide, where the lone survivor returns to the scene with a documentary crew, only to uncover something far more sinister than she ever imagined. Next, Mercy adapts a Stephen King short story into a tense narrative about two young boys uncovering the dark secrets of their dying grandmother’s past, opening a Pandora’s box of atypical horror. Visions follows a pregnant woman who begins to experience terrifying visions in her new vineyard home, only to realize that the threat may be much closer than she thinks.

Rounding out the collection is Mockingbird, a found-footage-style film that will keep viewers on edge as multiple strangers receive a camera with a horrifyingly simple instruction: keep filming or die. As the subjects’ evenings evolve into nightmares, they find that the seemingly random challenge has a ghastly purpose. True to Blumhouse’s reputation, each film in this DVD collection is crafted with an attention to detail that horror enthusiasts have come to expect, ensuring that the eerie storylines, thrilling suspense, and occasional jump scares will haunt viewers long after the credits roll. The Blumhouse Movie Horror Collection is an essential acquisition for any horror aficionado looking to add a dose of high-quality terror to their home library.

Unpacking the Success Behind Blumhouse Movies

Blumhouse Productions did not just pop up overnight like your pesky in-laws. This house was built brick by terrifying brick, carefully constructing tales that stick in our brains like that one song after a night out. But what’s their secret sauce? Folks, it’s the relentless pursuit of new angles and fresh blood. They sharpen the edge on scripts sharper than a vampire’s fang and throw unknown yet brilliantly talented actors into the spotlight.

Their killer combo? A meticulous process of choosing scripts that nail not just horror, but real, raw emotion, and directors who can weave it all together into a suffocating, heart-pounding experience. Now, these aren’t just your garden-variety spook-fests — we’re talking about films that whisper in your ear, asking the hard questions and mirroring society’s darkest corners. Expectations? Consider them reinvented.

Image 17436

Title Release Year Director Notable Cast Budget (est.) Box Office (est.) IMDb Rating Rotten Tomatoes Score Comments
Paranormal Activity 2007 Oren Peli Katie Featherston $15,000 $193M 6.3 83% Groundbreaking found footage horror, extremely high ROI.
Insidious 2010 James Wan Patrick Wilson $1.5M $97M 6.8 66% Revived supernatural horror genre, began a successful franchise.
Sinister 2012 Scott Derrickson Ethan Hawke $3M $87.7M 6.8 63% Known for its creepy atmosphere and unsettling images.
The Purge 2013 James DeMonaco Ethan Hawke $3M $89.3M 5.7 38% Launched a politically-charged franchise concerning class and violence.
Whiplash 2014 Damien Chazelle J.K. Simmons $3.3M $49M 8.5 94% A gripping drama, although not horror, received critical acclaim.
Split 2016 M. Night Shyamalan James McAvoy $9M $278.5M 7.3 77% Psychological thriller with a twist, rekindled Shyamalan’s reputation.
Get Out 2017 Jordan Peele Daniel Kaluuya $4.5M $255.4M 7.7 98% Social commentary intertwined with horror, Oscar-winning screenplay.
Happy Death Day 2017 Christopher Landon Jessica Rothe $4.8M $125.5M 6.6 71% Combined slasher genre with a time-loop twist, became a cult hit.
The Invisible Man 2020 Leigh Whannell Elisabeth Moss $7M $143.2M 7.1 91% Modern retelling of a classic monster story with a focus on domestic abuse.
The Forever Purge 2021 Everardo Gout Ana de la Reguera $18M $76.5M 5.4 47% The fifth installment in the Purge series with themes of class and race.
Nope 2023 Jordan Peele Daniel Kaluuya $68M *Still in theaters *TBD *TBD Peele’s latest offering expected to feature his signature style of horror and wit.

Get Out: Social Commentary Meets Horror

“Get Out” knifed its way through the box office like it was cutting up low rise Jeans, proving horror can have brains to match its brawn. Jordan Peele took the reigns and steered this baby into the realm of instant classic. It’s a piece that digs its claws into the tender underbelly of America’s racial tension, a truth as unsettling as the movie itself.

Using a hypnotic blend of jump-scares and a creeping dread that festers in your gut, “Get Out” turned the mirror on us all, begging the question, “Are we part of the problem?” And the filmmaking? Oh, it’s a masterclass in tension. But Peele doesn’t just play it straight — he stitches in a wicked vein of dark humor that’ll have you chuckling nervously into your popcorn.

The Purge Franchise: A Dystopian Phenomenon

Ever wondered what would happen if all crime, including that parking ticket you dodged, was legal for 12 hours? That’s “The Purge” for you. As it carved out its place in pop culture, it made us consider if “purging” is the metaphorical skinny jeans of societal solutions — trendy, but perhaps not the best idea.

Beneath the murder and mayhem, the franchise throws political curveballs, whipping up a frenzy of “what-ifs” that resonate deeper than the prospect of Baltimore What state? debates. It showcases Blumhouse’s knack for spinning a good yarn while poking the bear of our moral compasses with a very sharp stick.

Blumhouse of Horrors ovie Collection [Blu ray]

Blumhouse of Horrors ovie Collection [Blu ray]


Experience the bone-chilling Blumhouse of Horrors Movie Collection now available on high-definition Blu-ray. This exclusive set contains a carefully curated selection of Blumhouse Productions’ most heart-pounding and psychologically thrilling films to date. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear picture quality and eerily immersive sound that will make you feel like you’re a part of the on-screen terror. Each film in the collection showcases the innovative storytelling and unconventional scare tactics that have become Blumhouse’s trademark.

From edge-of-your-seat supernatural creepiness to gripping, unsettling thrillers, this collection features iconic titles that redefined the horror genre for a new era. Enjoy fan favorites such as “Get Out,” “The Purge,” and “Insidious,” as well as sleeper hits that have left audiences sleeping with the lights on. Directors like Jordan Peele and James Wan have masterfully crafted these tales of fear to maximize tension and deliver surprising twists, all captured in the stunning visual fidelity that only Blu-ray can provide. Hours of special features and behind-the-scenes footage offer an in-depth look at the creation of these modern horror masterpieces.

Perfect for movie nights or a horror film marathon, the Blumhouse of Horrors Movie Collection is a must-have for any aficionado of the macabre. This comprehensive anthology also makes an impressive gift for collectors and enthusiasts eager to possess a piece of cinema history. With the convenience of having multiple movies in one sleek package, your next fright-filled evening is just a play button away. Prepare to be entertained and terrified in equal measure as you journey through the twisted corridors of Blumhouse’s most compelling works, all from the comfort of your own home.

Insidious: Redefining Supernatural Horror

Creaky floorboards? Amateur hour. “Insidious” goes for the existential jugular, pulling you into an astral fever dream where the stakes are your very soul. A haunted child, demonic entities that are too close for comfort, and a soundscape that drills into your psyche like a jackhammer — classic Blumhouse.

The ingenuity here is how they brewed a storm of suspense and fear with a budget you’d expect at the california Nmls, yet turned it into cinematic gold.Insidious” never needed the gruesome gore to terrify; it had something far scarier — silence and the anticipation of dread. It’s now the blueprint for subsequent Blumhouse escapades: stay lean, prey on primal fear, and always leave them wanting more.

Image 17437

Paranormal Activity: The Found Footage Innovator

“Paranormal Activity” might’ve been produced with less dough than the room service bill at the Baltimore waterfront Marriott, but boy, did it transcend its economic constraints to become a cornerstone of the horror genre. This flick is what you get if you strapped a camera to a poltergeist and just let it rip.

What’s bloodcurdling about the “Paranormal Activity” franchise is its ingenious use of the found footage technique. It’s raw, it’s real, and, to put it bluntly, it messes with you. The mundane setting of a typical suburban house makes the bumps in the night all the more relatable and frightening. Leap-out-of-your-skin moments? Check. Sleepless nights? Double check.

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Halloween (2018): Reimagining a Classic

Just when you thought Michael Myers was out of the game, Blumhouse pulls him back from the depths of hell — and they did it with a hat tip to the past, teaming up with the original creators to cook up a modern slasher that hits harder than a pumpkin spice latte in October.

“Halloween (2018)” is all about blending that sweet, sweet nostalgia with a fresh set of twists, and it’s a testament to Blumhouse’s agility in reviving a horror icon. The film doesn’t just rehash the babe-in-the-woods playbook; it flips expectations on their head with a Laurie Strode who’s not just fighting back but setting the trap. It’s no trick or treat; it’s both.

Image 17438

The Future of Blumhouse Productions Movies

Trying to guess what lurks in the future for Blumhouse is like trying to predict the no way home digital release date – it’s anyone’s game. Still, given their knack for striking at the core of social anxieties, one can expect this powerhouse to keep us perched on the edges of our seats, with films that gnaw at our notions of fear and entertainment.

Could they delve deeper into psychological horror, or will they perhaps explore the technological terrors that haunt our WiFi-connected lives? One thing’s for sure, with the cinematic seeds they’ve sown, the future is bound to be bloody brilliant.

Conclusion: The Lasting Scream of Blumhouse Productions

The ghoulish charm of the top Blumhouse movies lies not in their ability to scare, but to scar — to leave a lasting mark on your psyche. And let’s face it, they’ve become our guilty pleasure, much like overpriced whisky or lovingly crafted leather shoes. From social commentary to invoking primal fears, Blumhouse has consistently proven that horror is not just a genre but a canvas for the human experience.

At the end of this frightful day, as you settle back into the world of the living, you’ve got to tip your hat to Blumhouse — few have managed to haunt our dreams and reality so elegantly. So, here’s to the night terrors, the cinematic chills, and the screams to come. Cheers, gentlemen, and sleep tight.

Trivia and Fascinating Tidbits on Blumhouse Movies

When it comes to heart-stopping, palm-sweating experiences on the big screen, Blumhouse movies have certainly carved out their niche. Let’s dive into some trivia that might just keep you up at night – with excitement or fear, we’ll let you decide!

“Get Out” and About With Peele’s Directorial Debut

Who would have guessed that Jordan Peele, one half of the dynamic comedic duo from “Key & Peele,” would give us chills that run much deeper than laughter? On the surface, “Get Out” seems like your standard meet-the-parents scenario gone horrifyingly wrong. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find a maze of social commentary, not to mention a box office sensation. No wonder the critics were all abuzz, praise for the film flooded in as fast as the ominous vibes in the Armitage house.

Speaking of box office – did you know Jordan Peele’s brainchild grossed over $255 million worldwide?( Not bad for a film made on a budget that many would consider a shoestring… a shoestring laced with golden threads, it turns out.

Split Personalities in “Split”: McAvoy’s Tour de Force

Here’s a twist: Did you know that James McAvoy broke boundaries with his portrayal of Kevin Wendell Crumb and his many alters in “Split”? Sure you did, but what you may not know is the lengths he went to distinguish each character. Talk about method acting! This guy switched between personalities so smoothly, it might have left you believing in the unbelievable.(

Did we just throw in a colloquialism or was that another personality popping up? Who’s to say!

The Lowdown on “The Purge”

Grab your masks – but not your weapons, please – as we talk about “The Purge.” We all watched, equal parts horrified and intrigued, as a simple concept laid the foundation for an entire franchise. It was a hit that made us question our morals, our society, and our neighbors (especially that shady one across the street… yeah, you know who you are).

Fun fact: While “The Purge” showed us a world of lawless chaos, did you know it sparked some real-world discussions about the themes it portrayed? Yep, it’s not just a movie that birthed countless Halloween costumes; it’s a slice of social satire that had us all chin-stroking and deep thinking. Plus, it turned a profit that would make a Wall Street investor swoon.(

Whistle While You Work… or Hide?

Ah, the siren song of “The Invisible Man.” This reboot gave a modern twist to a classic monster, making us peek around corners even when we knew, logically, there was nothing there… right? Right?! The film was as much a psychological thriller as a horror flick, making us doubt our own eyes.

And you gotta hand it to Elisabeth Moss, she really mastered the art of reacting to someone who’s not there – or was he? Even though you didn’t see him, the Invisible Man really made his presence felt at the box office.(

“Paranormal Activity”: Do You Believe?

Lastly, let’s talk about the movie that probably kept you up at night with its home-video feel: “Paranormal Activity.” This flick turned the found-footage genre on its head and had everyone second-guessing those little bumps in the night. It was the sleeper hit that packed a big-time scare, proving that what you don’t see can hurt you – or at least give you a good jump.

And wouldn’t you know it, this supernatural thriller had a return on investment that was – excuse the pun – out of this world.(

So, there you have it, a few fun facts and eyebrow-raising trivia about some of the best Blumhouse movies around. They’ve made us holler, huddle together, and definitely hit the pause button on reality. And if you ever find yourself looking around nervously during a movie night, just remember: It’s only a movie… or is it?

Blumhouse of Horrors ovie Collection [DVD]

Blumhouse of Horrors ovie Collection [DVD]


Dive into a realm of relentless terror with the Blumhouse of Horrors Movie Collection on DVD, a definitive anthology that showcases the chilling brilliance of one of modern horror’s most influential production houses. This exclusive set features a curated selection of Blumhouse Productions’ most heart-pounding and critically acclaimed films. Each movie has been meticulously remastered to ensure the highest quality viewing experience, allowing both new and longtime horror fans to revel in the suspense and scares as though they were experiencing them for the first time. The collection includes smash hits and cult favorites alike, providing a comprehensive look into the dark creativity that has become synonymous with the Blumhouse name.

Encased in a collector’s edition box, the Blumhouse of Horrors Movie Collection is as much a horror aficionado’s treasure as it is an invitation to a medley of nightmarish visions. The spine-tingling set includes iconic films such as ‘The Purge,’ ‘Insidious,’ and ‘Get Out,’ each film offering its unique blend of horror, psychological thrills, and unexpected twists. Every DVD boasts an array of special features, including behind-the-scenes footage, director’s commentaries, and exclusive interviews with cast and crew, giving a deeper insight into the making of these modern horror masterpieces. The carefully crafted packaging also features haunting artwork that captures the essence of each film, making it a standout addition to any horror collection.

The Blumhouse of Horrors Movie Collection is the perfect acquisition for horror enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in a universe where the boundaries of fear are constantly being redefined. Join the most talented directors and actors of the genre as they guide you through unsettling narratives and jarring visuals that Blumhouse Productions has pioneered over the years. This collection not only celebrates the art of contemporary horror cinema but also honors the fans who brave the shadows with every unflinching gaze. Prepare for hours of entertainment that will leave you at the edge of your seat, looking over your shoulder long after the credits roll.

Does Blumhouse make good movies?

Oh, Blumhouse? Yeah, they churn out some real edge-of-your-seat flicks. Sure, not every movie is a gem, but let’s just say they’ve got a knack for scaring the pants off viewers and cashing in on low-budget thrills.

Is it Blumhouse or Bloomhouse?

Hold up, it’s definitely Blumhouse, not Bloomhouse—like ‘blum’ rhymes with ‘gloom,’ which is pretty fitting for a studio that specializes in things that go bump in the night.

What is ranked the scariest horror movie?

If we’re talkin’ about heart-stopping, hair-raising horror, critics and fans often point to “The Exorcist” as the top dog for scares. That demonic possession stuff is not for the faint of heart!

Where can I watch Blumhouse?

Want a Blumhouse marathon? You’re in luck! You can catch most of their spooky selection on streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Just make sure you’ve got some company—these flicks are best with a buddy or, you know, a cushion to hide behind.

What is Blumhouse’s most expensive movie?

The crown for Blumhouse’s priciest venture probably goes to “Glass,” M. Night Shyamalan’s super-powered showdown. It wasn’t exactly Avengers-level budget, but for Blumhouse, it was big bucks, and the gamble paid off!

Is Blumhouse low-budget?

Blumhouse? Yeah, they’re the masters of making a little go a long way. Low-budget is their middle name, but boy, do they know how to make those dollars scream for mercy.

How much is Blumhouse worth?

Last I checked, Blumhouse was valued at a frighteningly impressive figure—like, over a billion bucks! Chump change, right? Guess fear really does sell.

Who are Blumhouse competitors?

When it comes to the horror hustle, Blumhouse squares up against the likes of Lionsgate and Warner Bros. Picture these studios duking it out in a dark alley with nothing but their creepiest creatures—what a showdown!

Does Blumhouse only make horror movies?

Pigeonholed as horror honchos, Blumhouse does dabble outside the spook zone from time to time, with flicks like “Whiplash.” But let’s be real, they got a rep for the scream-inducing stuff for a reason.

Which horror movie is banned?

Ah, the notorious banned horror movies—the stuff of legend! “Cannibal Holocaust” took things way too far back in the day, and several countries said “nah, thanks” and gave it the boot.

What is the #1 scariest movie 2023?

As for the #1 scariest movie of 2023, it’s a bit early to call. Who’s gonna take the crown? My money’s on some dark horse that’ll leave us sleeping with the lights on.

What is the #1 scariest movie ever?

Guys, gals, non-binary pals, if we’re talking the heavyweight champion of fear, “The Exorcist” still makes even seasoned horror buffs shake in their boots. Just thinking about it gives me the willies!

What was Blumhouse first movie?

Blumhouse began their walk on the sinister side with “Paranormal Activity,” turning home movies into a full-on ghostly invasion—talk about a home run on a shoestring budget!

How many movies does Blumhouse have?

Rolling up to the present, Blumhouse has pumped out more than a hundred films—each one with its own flavor of fright. They’ve got a regular horror assembly line over there!

Is insidious a Blumhouse movie?

Yup, “Insidious” is part of the Blumhouse family—a bona fide hit that had audiences yelping at shadows and thinking twice about late-night trips to the bathroom.

Who is considered the best horror director?

The title of ‘best horror director’ is arguable, but can you really beat the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock? That guy knew how to spook with style.

Which movie company has the best movies?

If you’re looking for quality over quantity, it’s tough to beat the cinematic titans like Warner Bros. or 20th Century Fox—big names that have been spinning movie gold for eons.

What is the best movie making company?

Talking best in the biz, we’ve got to tip our hats to companies like Walt Disney Pictures and Universal. These guys have been crafting movie magic and collecting box office gold like nobody’s business.

What is considered the best movie made?

Alright, drum roll, please! The best movie ever made—it’s a topic that’ll spark endless debate. But, if we’re going by Oscars and cultural impact, “The Godfather” often sleeps with the fishes at the top of the list. It’s an offer you can’t refuse!


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