Business is all about the secrets of the trade. The nuances of communication. The complexities of closing a deal. The ultimate businessman is a master of his craft that makes his own luck. 

Any successful businessman will always bring wealth. Though money is the motive when it comes to lifestyle, there’s a completely other side to it. Money is to be spent and life is to be lived. With the money multiplying, so do the rewards. 

Granite is the leading magazine for those with a busy lifestyle filled with twists and turns. Granite is for professionals that get the best of both worlds. We cover everything you need to know about men’s fashion, dating, lifestyle, and culture. We focus on your outside interests so you can focus on building your empire. Work hard, play hard, and seize success in every field you encounter.

The ideal professional lifestyle is about balance and duality. One that walks into the room with complete confidence, backed by an undeniable style and swagger. One that puts in the hours at work and still goes out for drinks on a Wednesday. One that lives life on their terms without affecting their rise to the top of the food chain.

Granite is more than just luxury countertops. Granite forms underground from thousand-degree magma. Granite is down-to-earth, doing the dirty work during the day. Completely composed and cool regardless of the circumstances. But we don’t mind showing off a little bit either. 

When it’s time to clock out, we don’t wind down. We throw the tie over our shoulders, get a drink, and see where the night goes. It could be having a couple of rounds with a potential client at night golf or attending a red carpet premiere with that up-and-coming actress you met at the rooftop bar.

Putting in the Work

We’ve been in business long enough to know that the hustle never stops. The world doesn’t wait. That doesn’t mean we’re living for the weekend. We make every day count because being a workaholic is never fun. 

At Granite, we stay classy whatever life throws our way. Our staff, writers, and readers not only stay rock-solid through high-pressure adversity; we welcome it and dominate it. Our conviction has always been to force past the boring and confront the challenges. We realize that life will always be busy if you’re putting in the work and reaping the benefits. But really, we wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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