A Brief Summary of Scarification and Body Branding

Have you ever noticed tattoos that appear older than their beloved ones? Maybe the name of a former girlfriend, or even a picture of someone who faked their death. While the latter isn’t as frequent, we’re sure that it occurs. It may even happen with the same frequency as body branding does.

The practice of branding your body is very uncommon practice, yet it is now gaining with increasing the spotlight. America’s resident representative of how-the-hell-did-that-guy-pull-her, Pete Davidson, went under the blade (or iron) according to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. In March, she was on The Ellen Show and discussed their relationship. Davidson has reportedly added a tattoo to his collection, however, his body has her name tattooed.

Branding is a part of the term scarification. Specifically branding is the process of burning your body. A recent photograph of Davidson will show that his brand is darker because of the burning. The process of scarification causes tissue that appears pink.

But, branding is an outcome of scarification’s past. Different tribes of indigenous people were known to brand or mark their bodies with body art. The branding as well as the body markings were used by colonizers. Tattoos of the present are available. The owners of slaves also make use of it to demonstrate their superiority over their slaves, for example, as punishment or branding.

What brought us to this stage? The art form has evolved from being a source of cultural significance to unethical practices involving slaves and livestock to tributes to vocally celebrity fried and overexposed. It’s a stunning transition between the two. It could be an everyday occurrence within the body mod/tattoo community. While it’s not an addiction, tattooing and body modification is often an ongoing activity. It is rare to find one person without tattoos.

Davidson already has tattoos, some of which he’s currently getting rid of. It appears that he was looking to show his love to the world and express his love for. Kardashian talked to Ellen Degeneres about Davidson’s thoughts about branding.

“‘I don’t want to be able to get rid of it or to cover it up, and I just wanted it there as a scar on me,’” said Kardashian.

While some might consider the gesture to be sweet however, it’s not as secure or exact as tattoos. It is more likely to cause infection, and the damage is permanent. This is not a good option intended for people who are highly impulsive however, it is the case for the body of Davidson.

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